5 Tools for ADVANCED Customs Artists

5 Tools for ADVANCED Customs Artists

5 Must-Have Tools for ADVANCED Customs Artists

If you've already read the "10 Must-Have Tools for Sneaker Artists" take your shoe customs game to the next level with this post. We cover the Top 5 tools advanced artists absolutely must have in their arsenal. These tools help you cut down on paint, wait, and production time.
Here they are:

Product 1: Art Knife

This precision tool goes by many names: "X-acto knife," "Fiskars knife," "art knife," "detail knife," and even hobby knife. No matter what you call it, this sharp-bladed tool is our number one must-have when it comes to advanced art supplies for kick customizers. Without this in your tool-kit, you're like a brain surgeon without a scalpel. 
Fiskars Art Knife

Product 2: Micro Detail Brush

You may also hear this called a "fine brush." Either way, it's great for small, detailed work. Check out this Angelus set of micro brushes if you want to add more details to your designs. 

Angelus micro detail brush set

Shop: Angelus micro detail brush set

Product 3: Airbrush

A set up like this one, or this one, may seem like a heavy investment, but for ADVANCED customizers, it's a must-have tool.
airbrush compressor   dual action airbrush
Airbrushes allow for even paint coverage as well as outstanding detail work. (Be sure to work with light coats of paint, allowing them to sit for 10 to 15 minutes before applying another coat. Patience is key)!

Product 4: Forcefield Sneaker Toebox

To keep your customized shoes from showing creases, these toe box protectors are essential. These simple inserts stick to the top of your sneaker's toebox and prevent the material from drooping. This added stability makes it easier to customize designs on the top of sneakers. Plus, by keeping the toe space stretched out, your designs will last longer and look their best. Best of all, these sneaker crease preventers are made of a soft foam that is comfortable for daily wear, while strong enough to protect the top of your shoe.
Forcefield Sneaker Anti-Crease technology
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Product 5: Pallet Tray

Last but not least, we've included a simple paint pallet. These may seem non-essential, but this handy tool will keep your paints organized as you work. Each well can hold a single color, or be used for blending two or more paints together.
shop paint trays
Quote: "What's a a woman without her flower; what's an artist without her paint?" -Georgia O'Keeffe 
Angelus paint collection
Plus, these trays can be held comfortably in your hand as you work, making it easier to focus on your design. It's a simple addition that can make all the difference in your workflow.
End Quote: “Every good painter paints what he is.” -Jackson Pollock.
Leather Care Supply sponsors artists with paints, supplies, and tools of the trade. Submit your portfolio @leathercaresupply

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