5 Ways to Care for Leather Shoes

5 Ways to Care for Leather Shoes

Garry Izotov, owner of Leather Care Supply, and the leather gurus from Chamberlain's Leather Milk team up to bring you 5 crucial tips you need to know to help your shoes go the distance! 

You can preserve and protect your leather shoes by:

Add a Protective Insole to take the pressure off of your shoes; use a thick insole for thin socks, and a thin insole for thick socks.

Use a Shoehorn to slide your heel seamlessly into your shoe, saving the shoe's spine from havoc. A broken shoe spine is about as bad for your shoe as a broken spine is for you.

Rotate your Shoes at least every other day - feet get sweaty! As much as ¼  cup can build up inside your shoes during this time. If that doesn't ick you out, know that your shoes will be icked for sure.

Invest in a Shoe Tree to maintain the integrity of your leather, and absorb moisture from your shoes. Not only does this remarkable device help your shoe maintain its shape, it keeps your shoes smelling fresh, free from insects, and dry!

Maintain your Shoes. Shoes get dirty. Clean them with a damp rag every now again to ensure they don't get too dirty. If your shoes are made from leather, they can take more of a beating than most other shoes, but they will also need some help to keep pristine. Give them leather conditioner and restore lustrous color. Capture that old patina with protectors and preservatives to guard and restore that beautiful color you know and love for years to come.


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