7 Ways to Look like an Authentic Cowboy

7 Ways to Look like an Authentic Cowboy

Welcome to the Wild Wild West. To look like a cowboy, you'll need two things: rattlesnake boots and self reliance.

Here's seven ways to tighten up, get Texas-tough, and get ready for a hoedown.  

How to Look Like A Tough Cowboy

The wild west of the days of old was a dangerous place to live. You had bandits, warring Indian tribes, and dysentery to deal with. If you've ever played the game "Oregon Trail" you know how many ways there was to die in the west. 

 1. Texas hat 

To prepare for danger you had to be ready for whatever came your way. One needed to have a precise vantage point, whether you're riding your horse down a winding trail, or coming out of a saloon at high noon.

One thing is for sure, you can't have the sun in your eyes. 

dakota hat cowboy leather care supply

Put on this Dakota Hat, shield the light from your eyes, and show off your western style.

 2. Western Style Belt

Buckle them britches in place with an ostrich embossed leather belt. The detail on the trimming and belt buckle is so precise, you might win the Best Dressed at The Alamo prize. Whether you're going to a costume party dressed as a cowboy or not - you can still step up your fashion game with this whip-cracking good look! 

ostrich nocona belt leather care supply cowboy

>By the way - "Is it the belt that keeps up the pants, or is it the pants that keep on the belt?" Let us know in the comments below! #RIPmitchhedberg 

Click here to see the full line of Leather Care Supply belts

3. Leather Suspender

These aren't Steve Urkel's suspenders. These are Gold Rush suspenders. 100 percent genuine leather fitted with a silver lone star Concho; the stretchable elastic lets you snap them to your heart's content. 

concho gallus suspenders leather care supply western cowboy

See full leather suspender catalogue here, or buy the silver lone star pair.  

4. Cowboy Heel Repair Kit

The cowboy heel repair kit includes a chemical resistant external rubber sole, nails, and cement glue to keep it in place. Make sure you shop the right size for your sneakers, military boots, cowboy boots, or steel-toed boots.  

vibram_barge_DIY_Cowboy_heel_repair_kit cowboy leather care supply

5. The Mysterious Stranger, Draped in Black 

Black horse - check! 
Black hat - check! 
Black leather jacket - check! 
Shiny black boots - left them at home  
westworld black horse cowboy in black villain leather care supply

Fear not, brave cowboy. Your debonair character will not be blackened. That's because you brought yourself a Collonill Men's Wax Polish with beeswax and protecting oils - that let you nourish and protect your badass boots. Buy a tin of it here!  

 6. Suede Deerskin Gloves

For when you don't wish to sully your hands turning raw deer-hide into wearable apparel. This glove is made for rodeo and ranch work. You can also use them for work, hunting, construction, hunting, and other manly outdoor activities.

glove western men leather care supply cowboy

The deerskin gloves are reinforced, making them hardy, but made of suede - which makes them soft. Recommended for ages 18 and up. 

7. Smell Like You Mean It

If this post wasn't enough to help you put some hair on your chest, then you're hopeless. Luckily, you can still act the part of an authentic cowboy with an air freshener that makes your surroundings smell bold - yet pleasant. 

air freshener cowboy leather care supply

Don't forget to check out the Leather Care Supply YouTube video page and subscribe to neat tips and tricks related to custom shoe dyes, sneaker unboxing, and men's fashion tips!!

Next up - we'll be rounding up content based on western products, equestrian horse care, saddles, straps, and boot-stretchers. 

Thanks for reading -- look out for more posts on the horizon. Don't let the double saloon doors hitcha on the way out! 

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