A Leather Dress Shoe Color Guide

A Leather Dress Shoe Color Guide
When browsing stores or shopping online, one is likely to come across a variety of colors including Cognac, Oxblood, Marrone, Tobacco, and Nero.
As a consumer shopping for leather dress shoes it is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of colors available. What’s worse is when you see a color of shoe you like, decide not to buy that pair, and then wrack your brain trying to come up with the exact color when it is time to buy.
That’s why Leather Care Supply created a comprehensive guide to leather dress shoe colors. This guide will teach you how to identify colors, how to pair them with a suit, and help you “step up your shoe game.”  
To become knowledgeable in shoe colors, one must pass four trials:
  1. “Beginner” aka Used Car Salesman
  2. “Window Shopper” aka The Graduate
  3. “Shoe Lover” aka The Boss
  4. “Master” aka The CEO

The Beginner

This beginner’s guide will give you the basics. We take it you learned these colors in grade school, so you’re probably not learning anything new. However, these colors form the fundamentals needed to understand the various complex shades that leather shoes come in.

In this Fiebing’s chart, you’ll notice some colors, like mahogany, beige, and burgundy. This longtime brand has serviced shoe lovers all across the world since the company was first founded in 1895. Shop Fiebing leather care products here!


The Window Shopper

At the second stage, it starts getting a little more complicated. We start adding in lesser know colors like Bark, Chamois, Goldenrod, and Bone. Pay attention or you won’t graduate!

Want to know how to shine these shoes, care for them, and make the investment pay off? Read the 6 Golden Rules of Leather Care and find out how to make your genuine leather shoes last decades with proper maintenance.

The Shoe Lover

The shoe lover (or Boss) has understood the art of the single tone shoe. A boss in both professional and work life, he radiates confidence wherever he goes. He may have started adding a suit or two to his expanding wardrobe.

You’ll notice that some of the more gaudy and flamboyant colors like yellow, purple and aqua green have been removed in favor of more conservative tones like tan, browns, and black. That’s because the Boss is managing people and will not likely close business when he goes into a black tie event or party looking like a pimp. At this stage you will be poised and prepared for the professional challenges ahead. One author famously said “Dress the part for all areas of your life." If you’re managing people you can’t afford to be doubted in your exterior demeanor.


The Master

The Master, or CEO probably has a shoe library in addition to a large collection of apparel. At this level of the game, appearance speaks volumes about a person. Therefore it becomes imperative to know the difference between colors like cognac, oxblood, marrone, tobacco, and nero. A great example of a company that really knows their colors is Paul Evans. Covered by Forbes, GQ, Esquire, and the Wall Street Journal, this company “Makes a $400 pair of shoes look like a bargain.”
Take a look through their Instagram to get inspired, and browse some of Paul Evans’ shoes below in order to learn about the contemporary “c-suite” colors available to the Ambitious Man. We’ve underlined some of our favorites!


One need not spend $13,000 for a pair of shoes in order to become a master of men’s dress shoes. With an eye for good deals and a little bit of elbow grease, anyone can step up their shoe game and graduate to the level of a Master. We hope this guide to leather dress shoes colors has been educational.
We’ll see you at the top!

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