A Shoe Cleaning Brush Is A Great Accessory

A Shoe Cleaning Brush Is A Great Accessory

A shoe cleaning brush is one the most important shoe care products you should have in your arsenal. But what brush is right for you and your shoe library? In this article we show you on the different types of shoe cleaning brushes available. 



The Horsehair Brush


When most people think of a shoe cleaning brush they think of a horsehair brush. These brushes come with a wooden handle, and thick horsehair bristles that allow the shoe to be buffed and shined. The hardwood handle is about 6 inches in length and feels sturdy in your hand. Some horsehair brushes come with a curved handle that are great for ergonomics, allowing you to shine with both volume and precision. Horsehair bristles have the body to clean and polish the leather to a smooth polish without marring the surface. Look for solid hardwood and natural horsehair as these brushes are the most durable.



Nylon Suede Brushes


These brushes are used for suede and nubuck shoes. Smaller than the horsehair brush pictured above, the handle of nylon suede brushes can come in plastic or wood. More importantly, the bristles are made out of nylon, a softer material, to be used for general cleaning applications. They can be used on leather boots to remove dirt and caked mud, but in these circumstances the horsehair brush would be more effective. Their primary purpose is to clean suede and nubuck shoes.



Brass Brushes


Once you’ve cleaned your suede shoes with a nylon brush, use a brass brush to raise the nap. These products can also be used in conjunction with a suede eraser to restore the suede’s nap. These hard wire brushes are also great around the house for cleaning tough stains - just be sure to wash them well before using them again on your suede shoes. 



Heavy Duty Boot Scrubbers


For big cleaning it may be time to rely on a heavy duty boot scrubber. These products keep dirt and mud out of your home and off your floors. They are ideal for cleaning work boots and athletic shoes that would otherwise track grime into the house. Stiff scrapers on the bottom and sides clean the shoe thoroughly. 



Combination Hits


Combination items, like the pictured shoe cleaning brush/shoe horn composite are a valuable tool in any shoe care kit. The double headed brush has a soft and hardside, while the handle itself is a shoe horn. A shoe horn is used to elegantly enter into a shoe without crushing the heel-cap on the way in.



Some people like to have different brush sets for different colors, although a well washed, quality brush can be used for all sorts of leather accessories. Suede and nubuck shoes have qualities that require them to get special care so be sure to use the appropriate brush. For your full 
shoe cleaning kit needs, look to Leather Care Supply.



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