Angelus Products Are Perfect For Leather Shoes

Angelus Products Are Perfect For Leather Shoes

Did you know Angelus is one of the most senior shoe care companies still in business? The birth of Angelus shoe care products is almost as rich as its founder’s history, a young immigrant by the name of Paul Angelos, who founded the shoe shine business in 1907. Since then, Angelus continues to stick by its reputation of Honesty, Hard Work, Quality Products and Great Service, delivering cleaners, paints and dyes.

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Angelus Shoe Polish Maintains Lustrous Shine

Leather Care Supply features a wide selection of products by Angelus, including shoe paint and shoe cleaner. Angelus Shoe Polish Co. still uses the original formula that made the family famous in 1917, when the Angelus trademark was registered. We’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight the Angelus Perfect Stain Wax Shoe Polish. This material is the go-to product for those just learning to leather shoe care maintenance. It cleans, preserves, water-proofs and polishes, restoring a rich color to faded shoes and leather gear. The blend of natural carnauba, beeswax and propolis buff leather goods to a luscious shine. 

Angelus Products For Suede

 Angelus products are perfect for suede shoes. Leather Care Supply is also excited to introduce Angelus Brand Suede and Nubuck Dye and Dressing. This formula brings life back to faded suede. With suede and nubuck dressing you can ensure the life of your suede shoes for years to come. It won’t peel, crack, cake or rub off.

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For natural and nubuck leather, we advise our clients to use Angelus Water and Stain Repellant. As nubuck is frequently damaged by the elements, including water, snow, and slush, a repellant is needed to create a barrier between the shoe and the harsh elements. Water won’t seep into your shoe after applying this product. 

Pro tip: Use stain repellant after you’ve just gotten done dyeing your shoes. You’ll be able to seal in the color, and keep away the elements. Just be sure to apply after the dye has dried. 

Angelus Shoe Paint Allows Endless Customization

Sneakerheads rejoice! You are now able to color and customize your shoes with Angelus shoe paint. These premier paints come in a variety of colors, including acrylic, neon, glitter, and the special collector’s edition. Great for arts and crafts projects, or restoring new life to old sneakers, these paints and dyes work on a variety of leather materials.

For better looking leather trust Angelus shoe cleaner, conditioner, and paint products. Professionally chosen products by Leather Care Supply can fix almost any damage, and restore the beauty of of this wonderful material.

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