Can you use leather shoe polish on belts?

Can you use leather shoe polish on belts?

Yes America! Yes you can.

We've all had a fun New Years, but now it is time to get back to the office. I like to wardrobe my week ahead in preparation. Here's a crazy idea I got as I was matching my shirts, belts, socks, and shoes together. 

I thought to myself "Can you use leather shoe polish on belts?"

Old belt + Shoe Polish = New(er) belt ???

Could it be that the secret is in the polish? The answer, ladies and gents is a resounding YES!

Here's what I had to work with in my belt glossing galactic journey. 

My Secret Belt Glossing Journey 


  • 4 belts of varying colors
  • 3 cheap shoe shine covers 
  • rag
  • 10 minutes

Work from lightest color to darkest color, I applied leather varnish to each belt. 

Here are the belts: Black, Dark Brown, Tan, and Red. We're working from lights to darks, saving black for last. If you get black polish on a neutral belt, it is MUCH HARDER to remove than if you get neutral (or red, or brown) polish on a black belt. 

The Correct Order for Polishing Leather

(I guess mamma was right when she told us "don't wash the dark colored laundry with the whites." But seriously, save black for last. You don't want dark ink on your fingers as you handle a delicate caramello cognac colored boot; therefore start from the lightest color upwards.)

Hang to dry for 5 minutes. Let that soak in real nice. 5 minutes is all you need. But if you want to get sentimental, and see the light dancing off the belts like wind chimes on a cool breezy day, you can wait 10 minutes; we won't judge. 

Here are the products: 


  1. Brown - Liquid Polish by Shoe Gear
  2. Clear - Neutral Color Shine by Kiwi
  3. Black - Scuff Cover by Kiwi



So I'm not the best photographer - but I can see the difference. To me the After picture seemeds more glossy (almost like a car-wax feel to it), more protected, a little darker (but that will fade once the moisture evaporates), and more fresh. All-together a fun experience! 

See for yourself below!

Red belt was fine, Black belt needs to be replaced. Sadly, the leather shoe polish did not remove the creases on the black belt.

Pro Tip

"When attempting to rub a life-giving and salubrious liquid to any leather hide - made of the fatty epidermal tissue of a saber-tooth-tiger, wolf, or other likely dangerous animal -remember to look in the tallest mirror you have in your home & make confident power poses in the mirror. Your confidence will increase like the luminant light of your newly glossed galoshes." -AP

Get Your Leather to The Doctor

Three of the four belts were able to be recovered. The black belt, the one that I had worn for the longest amount of time, sadly, was beyond repair. Much like our bodies preventative care is better, and more successful than curative & immediate in-patient care. If you wait too long, you might just have to buy a new one. 

I'll put it this way:

"Leather care maintenance is like botox. The earlier you do it, the better it will be."

And trust us boo - you ain't getting any younger.To summarize - YES; you can use products meant for shoes on belts and other leather accessories. However, you want to catch it early!!

Stock up on Shoe Polish

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