Caring For Leather Shoes In A Winter Wonderland

Caring For Leather Shoes In A Winter Wonderland

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Unfortunately, during winter time, the rain, cold, sleet, and snow can wreak havoc on your leather goods and leather shoes. Leather shoe care is of prime importance when climates bring extremes - during the high heat of summer, and the frigid cold of winter. These temperatures, combined with moisture and precipitation - not to mention all the dirty slow you have to walk through on a daily basis - makes maintenance key.

 With brutal blizzards on the way, and ice cold puddles a daily occurrence, we thought we’d run you through the top ways to care for your leather shoes in the winter.


  • Use Sunshine Whenever Possible


    The best shoe care products can only build on what nature organically creates. Did you know that the sun delivers more energy in one hour than humans use in 7 years? That’s a lot of energy!

     Coincidently, this energy is, which comes to earth in the form of light and heat are just what soggy shoes need in order to dry as fast as possible. Natural light and heat are also good against fighting off bacteria - which can grow in leather shoes and sneakers when left unchecked.

     Place shoes up on a windowsill, or leave them outside on a sunny afternoon, and your shoes will thank you!

     Shoes wet? Be sure to check out this blog post titled 4 Ways to Protect Your Leather Shoes From the Rain

     2. Use a Waterproof Spray

     Using a waterproof spray shields your shoes against the damage of the elements. They can leave a matte or glossy finish, but will always protect leather against moisture. We recommend Fiebing’s Moisture Resistant Waterproof Finish or, if you prefer the spray, try J.T. Foote Rain & Stain Waterproof Spray.

     Moisture, in case you didn’t know, has a love-hate relationship with leather. Too little moisture and leather materials like handbags, gloves, and dress shoes can become dry, cakey, wrinkled, and crusted. You feel as though the leather may snap! Too much moisture, on the other hand, can lead to a breakdown of the molecular structures of leather. Constant pressure from water molecules wears down the molecular structures that make up leather. For more on this, read this interesting scientific study.


    Leather boots, especially those lined with fur look stylish and will keep your feet warm, but they’re not always water resistant. Give the best leather shoe care with Leather Care Waterproofing Spray.


    3. Apply White Vinegar Solution to Wipe Away Excess Salt Stains


    With the winter snow often comes white salt on shoes and boots. Salt from the road can soak into leather articles leaving large white stains. If not removed, the material can become permanently dried and cracked. It can also develop bubble marks.


    To prevent this apply a white vinegar solution to the exterior of the shoe and turn back the time and also wipe away the grime. If you don’t have white vinegar handy, or detest the smell, try a sweet smelling Canvas Cleaner. Use it to restore, rejuvenate, and wipe away the salt damage on your favorite leather jacket, car seat (if you just came from the beach), or leather upholstery.

     If you ride your motorcycle by the seaside use it on your motorcycle seats and accessories in order to keep leather clean, supple, pliant, and naturally shiny.


    4. Cycle Shoes, Reduce Sweat, and Freshen Shoes

     Did you know that your feet sweat more than an ounce of sweat each day? Moisture buildup can cause unseen mold inside lined shoes. This damage is difficult to repair, and can even lead to bad smells.

     To help mitigate this, cycle your shoes each day. Wear a different pair of shoes each day, allowing them time to rest, breathe, and re-mold back to their original shape.

     If you must wear your work boots or leather business shoes more than one day in a row, reduce sweat levels by any means necessary. You can choose to wear socks with antimicrobial or moisture wicking properties. Add deodorizing insoles or throw some deodorizer balls into the shoe and let them do their magic. These products are a blessing for sports players, gym rats, and runners - who rely on their footwear on a daily basis. Deodorizer balls are perfect for taking the yucky smell out of locker rooms, small compartments, and other places where smells may pervade.


    Final Thoughts

     We hope these tips have been helpful as you go about your snowy day. Don’t forget to bundle up and let your shoes enjoy the sunshine. Consider that investing in shoe care products can prolong the life of your shoe, and turn back the time when it comes to wear, tear, and environmental damage.

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