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Custom Kicks

Custom Kicks

The late 1990s and early 2000s were littered with teenagers and young adults decorating and personalizing their footwear with permanent markers, colorful patches, and homestyle embroidery. Today, doing just that is a job opportunity for the starving artist. Modern shoe embroidery is heavily popularized by celebrity brands, and custom shoes have made a comeback. From simple designs created to fit one's foot perfectly to trendy stitching and fresh color pallets, custom designs on shoes have taken the market by storm. Online shopping is thriving, and custom artists can reach a wide variety of individuals looking for the perfect look and fit for their feet.

Customized Shoes

Many brands and care procedures grew in popularity with the introduction of customized shoes, largely due to the unique style of each fit. Everyone's foot is different, from sole to heel, and may require different materials. Some feet respond better to synthetic fabric, others to handmade leather. Embracing these differences instead of forcing the standard shoe to fit no matter the discomfort encourages customization experts in their work. Providing individuals with a shoe that fits them exclusively with all their comfort needs met is a must when most jobs require a person to be on their feet for hours on end. Given the number of people across ages and genders who require a more specialized fit, this niche market has brought the perfect shoe to many soured customer of the average shoe store. Regardless of whether the wearer has bunions, fallen arches, or simply struggles to find a shoe that comes in their size, customization can solve all of these issues while lending the wearer a sense of style and chic.

angelus paint on a leather shoe

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Personalized Footwear

Personalized footwear acts as a signature for the wearer, complementing outfits or providing the pop of color and design to complete the look. Some will base their entire outfit on the pattern of the shoe and matching accessories, giving more incentive to designers to create varied looks. Embroidered shoes add a special touch to the wearer's look, which is why so many young people of the earlier 2000s had so much fun coloring and painting their shoes. The goal was to be noticed, and it's easy to catch the eyes of onlookers when the look is designed specifically for the wearer. Most people love to be complimented on their appearance, so providing a shoe that draws in those compliments is a public service. Paints and colors come in a variety of mediums and can be handpainted or airbrushed depending on the stylist, but the results are almost always fun and enjoyable for the intended wearer.

Who are Custom Kicks 4?

Personalized shoes are for everyone, enticing all demographics to fit the most diverse styles. From dads to skateboarders, from girls to boys and everyone in between, the more customized the look the more perfect the fit. Artists looking to sell their work may find themselves drawn to this market, which welcomes individuality with open arms. Making the customer feel like they're one of a kind and the most important person can be difficult in a retail setting, but there lies the advantage in providing people with gorgeous artistry they can wear any time and anywhere. A wealth of information exists on the creation of these products, highlighting the difference between embroidery and custom and listing the tools for more advanced designs.

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Custom protector
Leather Care Supply supports budding shoe artists with Angelus paints, supplies, and other tools. Email gm [at] leathercaresupply [dot] com   for sponsorship rules and to see if you qualify. (A strong presence on Instagram is appreciated).

Artists We've Worked With 

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