Diabetic Foot Care Tips For The Winter

Diabetic Foot Care Tips For The Winter

Winter is a cold merciless season that forces us to turn up the heat, pull out the blankets in an attempt to keep all the warmth from getting sucked out of our bodies. For those who live with Diabetes, it is the most dreaded season of them all.
Numbness and decreased circulation throughout the body is a common and dangerous side effect of winter’s frigid temperatures. In diabetic patients, this side effect is even more severe and leads to a higher risk of ending up in the hospital with foot ulcers or infections. With winter rearing its ugly head, it is time to take the appropriate steps towards proper diabetic foot care. Follow these tips to keep your feet healthy and infection free this season. 


Inspect Your Feet Daily

Doctors advise patients with diabetes to give their feet a once-over every single day. But what are you looking for?

Scan over your feet for any changes in color, breaks in the skin, and calluses. Your first sign of infection will be any discharge and changes in odor. Once you’ve given your feet a good and thorough inspection, take out any old socks you’ve worn and look for any stains. If you notice any differences in your feet, the first person you should call is your doctor.


Wear The Right Shoes

Proper diabetic foot care starts with the shoes you put on your feet.

When preparing for the winter, be sure to buy winter boots or shoes that give you all around coverage. These shoes/boots should provide your feet with warmth, protection from water and snow, and have enough padding and room to keep your feet comfortable. Once you’ve found the perfect boots for the winter, wear wool socks to keep your feet warm. 

Even though snow boot and shoes are made to withstand the elements of winter, it is advised to steer clear of excessive amounts of puddles formed by melting snow. No matter how high-quality of a boot you have, you are still risking the chance of getting damp feet. If this happens, change out of your wet socks as soon as possible and examine your feet for any discoloration. The last thing you want is for bacteria to fester.


Moisturize and Massage Your Feet

Anyone living with diabetes knows that their damaged nerves can lead to poor circulation. But did you know that poor circulation can lead to the deficiency of your moisturizing glands located in your feet? Due to this, your feet have a harder time of staying hydrated and are more likely to develop dry, red skin which can lead to skin breakage and ultimately an infection.

After each shower, break out your favorite moisturizer and give your feet a mini-massage. Be sure to moisturize every day and thoroughly rub all the lotion in. By giving yourself a mini-massage, you are helping stimulate better blood flow in your feet.

While you’re at it, pull out the nail clippers and give your toenails a good trim. If you let your toenails grow too long, you risk getting an infection under the nail.


Avoid Any Extra Types of Warming

In the winter season, it is so easy to want to turn the water on steaming hot and soak your cold body in. But for diabetic patients, this is a big no-no. Due to nerve damage caused by diabetes, it is recommended that patients stay clear of any extra efforts to keep their feet warm. Electric blankets, hot foot soaks, heating pads or even sticking your feet by the fire is considered risky.


Monitor Blood Sugar Levels

Finally, the best way to take care of your diabetic foot problems is to carefully monitor and control your blood sugar levels. If you can keep your Diabetes under control, then managing your foot care needs will be even easier. Eat healthily, watch your weight and avoid smoking for an all-around better lifestyle.


Leather Care Supply Has Your Feet Covered

We carry a plethora of diabetic foot care products. 

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