Horsing Around with Leather Care Supplies

Horsing Around with Leather Care Supplies

"The favorite sports of the wealthy are golf, tennis and horseracing." -S. Siebold How Rich People Think

If you own horses, I want to be your friend.

Horse Maintenance

Horses are not cheap to care for. They need a fenced pasture feed, water, and shelter for the cold months. They also need love and care - this requires resources.

The communities that gather to participate in horse racing, horse shows, and other types of equestrian sports are communities I want to be a part of. There is a high barrier to entry into these social clubs, one example being Wellington, a village in Florida which has been named by Washington Post as the Equestrian Capital of the World.

horserider with horse in barn

Crowd-pleasing events like polo, steeplechasing, and dressage are as fun to participate in as they are to watch. Besides the handsome prize money the shows serve to  showcase the beauty of the equine species while at the same time showing dedication, hard work, and care that went into making such a relationship fruitful and symbiotic.

Without question, the communities that gather to participate in horse racing, horse shows, equestrian sports are opulent and exclusive. And who doesn’t want to be a part of something exclusive?

What Goes Into Taking Care Of A Horse

To take care of a horse is a serious responsibility. At a basic level, most of your time is spent shovel manure, feeding them food and water, and petting their Sarah-Jessica-Parker-like long faces. 

But if you take them around town and to various equine events, such as they do in Wellington, then there are more responsibilities (and expenses) involved.

Elite horse care supplies include:  

-saddle pad or blanket
-safety stirrups
-driving whip


Most of these items are made from leather, which is why we wrote a post about them here on Leather Care Supply. To take a full look at the horse rider gear Leather Care has in store, click here.

To learn more about becoming a better horse trainer, we recommend this online learning course, taught at the University of Florida named The Horse Course: Introduction to Basic Care and Management.

Equestrian Equipment for the Experienced Horse Trainer

If you’ve already read the 7 Ways to Look Like an Authentic Cowboy, then you should be well acquainted with the way fashion works in the west. In that post, we covered various western apparel, including cowboy hats, belts, suspenders, heel repair kits, and deerskin gloves.

You’ll need all of the above apparel before getting on a horse. Below are some more supplies to get you ready for the upcoming gallantry of the dressage.

Boot Hooks

If your cowboy boots are difficult to put on, consider investing in a pair of boot hooks. These pull-on hooks take the work out of sliding into your favorite boots. Simply slip the hooks into the boots’ pull straps for an easy fit every time. You can purchase them here.

Boot Tree

Boots starting to lose their shape? Straighten them back up with a boot shaper tree that holds boots upright and helps them prevent cracking and creasing.

Boot Shapers & Boot Shapers

Breaking in a pair of new boots - and the horse show is this weekend!? Not to panic - we got you covered.

M&F Western Boot Stretcher is a high-performance device that stretches the instep of your boot and the shaft of the shoe. The instep and shaft can both be stretched in one process, or each area can be stretched separately.

Fire Resistant Boot Laces

Now that your boots are on and fitted properly, it’s time to ride through the fire. Although we don’t recommend your horse jump through a physical ring of fire, you yourself will be protected from the conflagration with these heavy-duty chemical fire resistant boot laces.

Saddle Oil

Saddle up and extend the life of the leather saddle with this product. Saddle oil preserves and lubricates leather saddlery, hunting boots, and athletic goods. It preserves and lubricated weather-worn leather while lanolin keeps leather pliant as the silicone base repels water. Shop saddle oil here.

Rider’s Shower Gel

Freshen up after the race with a Made in Germany shower gel made to remove the funk. The shower gel has a special hint of sportiness and is suitable for Him and Her. Use it for its strong odor control. Shop Effax/Effol Rider's Caring Shower Gel here!


With these products, you’ll be saddled up to ride into the wind. Your apparel will be well protected from the elements, you’ll look better, and your trusted steed will feel your invigorated confidence.

For more horse care products visit this page to see the rest of our inventory!

We’ll see you at the Equestrian festival in Wellington!

Check us out on Leather Care Supply YouTube video page and watch neat tips and tricks related to custom shoe dyes, sneaker unboxing, and men’s fashion tips. Come back and visit us :)

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