How the Dad Shoe Became Famous

How the Dad Shoe Became Famous

If you've ever spotted Kanye West rocking a pair of chunky New Balance sneakers, you probably wondered how your dad's old tennis shoes became a worldwide fashion sensation.

Kanye West rocks dad shoes New Balance fashion mens fashion
Among sneaker fans, in fact, it's been so secret in recent years that the dad shoe is trending in a big way. Once the kind of sneaker you might see on a middle-aged guy at a mall during the height of the Clinton administration, sneaker aficionados are now beginning to appreciate the chunky sneakers for their unorthodox looks and unbeatable comfort.

Indeed, at many top-of-the-line sneaker stores, a trendy dad shoe in the shop window is now a common sight. So how exactly did the dad shoe come into being, and why is it currently so fashionable?

For the most part, the dad shoe has its origins in the shopping mall and wholesale store culture of the 1980s and 1990s. As aging men looked for comfortable sneakers to wear during their time away from the office, a new shoe market sprang up to meet the demands of suburban fathers everywhere. These dads tended to buy their shoes at wholesale stores like Costco, and companies like New Balance made a splash with a new market of suburban professionals.

In fact, Steve Jobs was so taken by his New Balance 990s that he made the shoes a part of his uniform at the Apple Inc. computer company.

Steve Jobs halloween costume new balance dad shoes wardrobe fashion

He may not have realized it at the time, but Jobs was created a fashion trend among suburban dads. Times were changing, and chunky sneakers like the ones Jobs wore became the defining piece of any dad ensemble.

Sneaker heads also found something to like about Jobs's "dad" look, and the humble dad shoe has been trending ever since. And combined with a cool set of bubble laces from New Balance, the shoes bring the dad look to a new level.

If you just got this shoe in your inventory would you wear them or throw them out? 

Dad Shoe
Above all else, dad shoes are known for comfort.

These ergonomic shoes also provide ergonomic fluffy foot pads that make your feet happy, so with the right dad sneaker, you'll both look great and feel great. Truly, it doesn't get much better than that!

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