How to Apply Epoxy Resin

How to Apply Epoxy Resin

What is Resin/Epoxy?

Resin is an adhesive that can be used to provide a protective layer or glossy finish to many kinds of material. 
Epoxy is used in a wide variety of art pieces
People use epoxy to provide an extra layer of clear laminate on top of a piece of art
  • Painters use it to provide "an extra layer of gloss"
  • Photographers use it to coat two-dimensional portraits, making them more resistant
  • Sculpture artists use it to overlay their pieces, capturing light in a playful way
  • Botanists (people who work with plants) use it to preserve the leaves in their plant collection and "freeze time" 

When to Use Epoxy/Resin

You can resin for a variety of projects. For paintings, resin can be used on oils, acrylics, watercolors, spray paint, and even inkjet prints. Have an old guitar that needs a little sprucing up? Or maybe you are planning to create homemade coasters? Are you a nature lover and want to preserve what you find out in the wild? Resin is versatile and can be adapted for almost any project!
Colored Pencils Fender Strat guitar artist Burls Art
@BurlsArt built this beautiful Fender Strat guitar out of 1200 colored pencils and epoxy coating

How to Apply Art Resin/How to Apply Epoxy

You will need a high-quality resin to begin with, along with measuring cup, mixing container, spreader, stands, disposable gloves, and an artist torch.

Your artwork should be completely dry when applying resin. Measure out your resin for your art piece, then, with gloves on, pour the resin and hardener in equal amounts into your mixing container. Mix for three minutes.

Pour the resin on your artwork and spread it using your spreader or a disposable foam brush.

Removing Air Bubbles

At this point, you will notice air bubbles forming on the surface, which can be caused by differences in temperature in the resin or even during mixing. You can use a tooth pick or artist torch to remove bubbles from the surface. To avoid other complications, try using ArtResin for the best epoxy art supplies.
Guitar made of expoxy BurlsArt
@BurlsArt constructed this electric guitar completely out of resin 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Make sure you measure accurately when pouring your mixture. Make sure to mix thoroughly. You might be tempted to use more hardener to speed up the curing time; instead, buy a resin/hardener mix that will work right the first time. For the best epoxy for painting, try ArtResin, whose design ensures a crystal clear finish for all your creative needs.
Epoxy Artist aljabouri_ Safeyah
@aljabouri_ Epoxy Artist by the name of Safeyah
A Call to Action
A crystalline clear coating can be combined with glitter to give a "pazazz that shines like marble." 
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