How to Care for a Leather Journal

How to Care for a Leather Journal

A journal is something that is more valuable than even the most expensive piece of jewelry. That is because it holds our precious memories and thoughts, and they cannot be replaced. That is also why you should take especially great care of your leatherbound recollections and ruminations.

To ensure that it lasts for years without fail, follow these simple tips on how to care for a leather journal:

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Sunlight and heat can cause the color of your leather to fade. It can also prematurely age the journal. Opt instead for a cooler, darker storage area.

2. Don’t Use Bookjackets

Bookjackets are not appropriate for leather journals. That is because leather needs to breathe, and, also, the bookjacket can trap moisture leading to the growth of mold and bacteria.

3. Don’t Wash it with Soap or Other Chemicals

Doing this can remove biological oils that are naturally a part of the leather. Instead, wipe away dirt and stains with a damp cloth only.

4. Keep it Dust-free

Easily dust your leather journal with a dry, non-abrasive cloth at least once a week. (Okay, once a month is fine too).

5. Store it Carefully

You should stack leather journals on a shelf tight enough that they support one another, since loosely-stacked books tend to sag. This will eventually destroy their spines. However, if they are stacked too tightly, the added pressure could cause the covers to crack.

6. Condition it Often

Use a special leather cream or conditioner to keep your leather journal hydrated. This will preserve its natural patina and keep the leather flexible and soft.

7. Beware of its Surroundings

If you place your leather journal in your handbag, backpack, or a drawer that contains sharp objects, always take care to ensure that it doesn’t make contact with them directly. Keys, hair pins, and loose pens will take down a good journal.

8. Maintain with Wax or Polish

Raw leather is much different than its treated counterparts that are used to make handbags and boots. It is not made to handle the waxes and polishes that are manufactured for the care of patent leather. They can damage your journal permanently by altering its texture. Only use leather dyes that are especially made for use on leather products.

9. Refrain from Overstuffing

You may want to keep mementos and photos inside your leather journal, but overfilling any leather product could result in it losing its original shape.

10. Keep it Away from Water

Water is known to damage leather irreparably, but if it is allowed to air dry, it can be salvaged. Water will darken untreated leather, however, and combined with salt, it can warp your journal and change its natural texture.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, leather journal care is crucial in order to maintain your memories over the long term. By following the steps above, you should now know how to care for your leather journal and will easily be able to maintain your book’s immaculate condition.

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