How to Clean Your Shoes After a Mud Run

How to Clean Your Shoes After a Mud Run

After a mud run your shoes may be caked with mud, inside and out. 

We wrote this post to show our readers how to take care of their shoes, not break their washing machine, and learn more about local mud runs near them. 

This article covers the 3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Shoes After a Mud Run and closes with Frequently Asked Questions About Mud Runs. 

Let's dive in! 

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3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Shoes After a Mud Run

1. Clean the mud off with water. You can do this a variety of ways, either with the garden hose outside, or with a shower-handle on full blast in your bathtub. If the mud has been caked on the shoe and shows signs of being dry, you could use a metal wire brush to take the crusty dirt off. No need to wait for the mud to dry - see if there is running water at the event location and clean the mud off ASAP. 

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2. Dry the shoe. Remove moisture as soon as possible! The longer the shoes stay wet, the higher the chance that the material degrades. Moisture is the number one enemy for shoes. Use paper towels, sunshine, newspaper, a dehumidifyer or a dryer. We covered this pretty extensively in these posts:

3. Deodorize the funk off. The smell is arguably the worst part of cleaning shoes after a mud run. The smell sets in once the sweat and moisture have been allowed to remain too long. To get shoes to smell good again you can use:

  • Baking soda - (find this in your pantry)
  • Sneaker Balls - (order online)
  • Odor Buster - (order online) - great for boats, autos, and home use

General Tips For Keeping Clean After a Mud Run

1. Bring trash bags for your soiled clothes and shoes for the ride home. Putting all your apparel in a trash bag can help offset some of the dirt you're liable to get on your car, backpack, or furniture. 

2. Bring a spare change of clothes. 

3. Bring a spare change of shoes. 

4. Bring paper towels to the event. Your friends will thank you. 

5. Bring a toothbrush or scrubbing brush to remove the dirt from your shoes. 

small cleaner brush

A small cleaner brush will clean dried mud off. Get one with hard bristles. 

dogs dont have to wear shoes

Dogs don't have to wear shoes. You probably knew that though... 

Frequently Asked Questions About Mud Runs

What are some of the obstacles I can expect to traverse in a mud run?

Ramps, trampolines, ropes, monkey bars, crawling under barbed wire, hurdling over walls, cargo nets, and other "American-Ninja Warrior" like contraptions are just some of the obstacles you'll traverse in a mud run. 

How many people go mud running?

About 5 million, according to Obstacle Race World. The State of the Mud Run Business is the first industry report on obstacle course races and challenges. Their 2015 report found that "4.9 million people worldwide" engaged in obstacle courses and mud runs. 

USA Today confirms that obstacle races are becoming more popular than marathons

Could we see obstacle course races in the Olympics?

We just might! Spartan Race co-founder and CEO Joe De Sena told USA Today in 2015 that he wants to further legitimize obstacle course racing by making it an Olympic sport. 

girl mud run

Just like an obstacle courses, life can get tough at parts. Let's remember to help each other up - even if it looks like we're competing. 

How much do mud runs cost?

Depending on your location, mud runs can cost anywhere from $99 and up. Full day events can start at $150 and go up from there. This cost makes mud running and obstacle course running an event that is primarily reserved for individuals with discretionary income. Obstacle Race World confirms that a majority of participants are "a relatively affluent group."

Keep in mind, however, that there is ample prize money at the end if you or your team finish in the first 3 positions.

Can I get a discounted rate? 

Be sure to check with the event organizers to see if there are any discounts for military, first responders, students, and teachers.

Tough Mudder will actually reward you if you have a "Tough Mudder" tattoo on your body and present it to the event. 

tough mudder tattoo

>>>Luckily, Leather Care Supply doesn't make you ink yourself to get compensation. On our website, you can get a discount if you are:

1. Military 

military LCS

2. First Responder

 responder lcs

3. Student

 student discount LCS

4. Teacher

teacher discount LCS

Once again, if you are a Military service member, a veteran, police, fire, EMT, student or teacher, follow >this link< to get a discount on all items in stock on Leather Care Supply. <<<

Can I win prize money in a mud run? 

That depends on the event. Most events have a purse anywhere between $100 for finishing in a certain time window, upwards of $50,000 for elite competitors that manage to place first. 

Can I still participate in a mud run if I am not an elite athlete?

Yes you can!! Not all the obstacles must be mounted or scaled. In fact, many of them can be walked around or avoided if you're not up for the challenge. You can still participate and join in the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie by searching for "mud run near me." Mud Run Guide lists the best mud runs for beginners here

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What are the best shoes for mud running?

A good mud run shoe will have a variety of properties that most sneakers and running shoes don't have. These can include: 

-Rubber grip for scaling walls and slippery surfaces

-Cushion for shock and terrain absorption

-Mudguards to protect against muck and mud

-Heels & soles with shock dispersion technology

-Moisture wicking and/or waterproof 

That being said, you can read up on the top 10 running shoes for mud runs here


recap shoe mud water splash

There you have it: Three ways to clean your shoes after a mud run. It's not rocket science, but we're glad you stuck around till the end. Clean them with water, make sure they get dry as soon as possible, and anticipate smells by using products that remove odor from the shoes. 

And if you face an obstacle in life that leaves you feeling like you're stuck in the mud, remember to ask your team-mates for help. You are loved! 

Until next time!  

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