How To Make High Heels More Comfortable

How To Make High Heels More Comfortable

Beauty can be painful and if your stiletto heels are built like the spire of a skyscraper, you may be in for some suffering. Fashion often prioritizes form over function and high heels are the perfect representation of this. Functional shoes like flats and sneakers may get you from point A to point B, but they won’t get you there in style.


High heels are something that is a mainstay and doesn't change with fashion trends. More professional women in the work place also means that more women are dealing with the pain that a beautiful pair of heels can inflict.


With heels, it will always be a love and hate relationship. Fortunately for you, there is room to maneuver with the right remedies that make high heels more comfortable. If you’ve recently swooned over and bought a pair of dashing stilettos, don’t let them collect dust in your closet. Here are the real, practical ways to make high heels more comfortable.

Tape Your Middle Toes Together

  • Taping your third and fourth toes together will make the muscles of your feet align, thus taking the pressure off the balls of your feet. Model Marie Helvin, who is no stranger to standing on her feet recommends women do this in order to better align the muscles in their feet.

Make Your Soles Grippier

  • Slipping on high heels is common as there is less surface area to support your body weight. Use sandpaper on the bottom of your soles to rough them out. Some ladies even use tacky hairspray just before stepping onto the runway in order to give them a better grip.

Choose A Thicker Heel

  • Speaking about surface area, the bulk of your body weight is carried on your heels; towards the back of your foot, not the front. This is where the heel rests. Blocked, stacked, and chunkier heels offer more support when walking than super-tall stilettos.

Buy Shoes With A Platform

  • Short-cut the system by purchasing heels with a platform toe box. It helps with the height differential, requiring less pressure on the heel. Podiatrists recommend platform style shoes as they aid more in shock absorption.

Use Deodorant On Your Feet

  • Add smoothness and prevent chafing by using natural roll on deodorant on the inside of your heels. Deodorant is for more than just pits!

Take Longer Steps

  • There is a reason models take longer steps than the general public. The way the human body is set up, taking longer strides will add more balance when walking.

Buy Heel Caps

  • Heel caps help repair the heel tip of the shoe. If you look at your shoe and see that it has eroded, purchase a set of heel tips to add stability and better traction.

Use Insoles 

  • Insoles on the inside of your heels can help spread out toes, give arch support, and correct problem areas. Other foot care products like anti-slip pads, cushions, heel grips, and inserts can provide optimal foot health when you’re getting ready for your work day. You can view a full collection of these foot care products here.

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