How to Prevent Shoe Crease

How to Prevent Shoe Crease

How to Prevent Shoe Crease

You've spent a lot of money on your new kicks and you don't want to get the dreaded shoe crease. Here's how to prevent shoe crease and keep your new shoes looking new longer.

Unless you plan on keeping your shoes in the box or on the shelf, they are going to get creased. It is a natural problem for all shoe lovers.
It is better to prevent shoe creases than trying to get rid of them. Using shoe trees and shoe horns are always good ideas, just to protect the integrity of the shoe. If you want to make sure you never crease your kicks again, read on!
Here's how to keep shoes from creasing for little or no cost.

1. [FREE] Choose well-fitting shoes. The extra space in the shoe is what leads to the crease in the first place. (Sometimes you can only implement this when you've already worn a pair and know how it will crease while on your body, so make a note of your "least creasiest shoe"). 

2. [FREE] Switch out your shoes and don't wear them every day. Even though they may be your new favorite pair, you have to give them a little time off between wearings, to avoid wear and tear.

3. [FREE] Go outside when it's not wet. When you first wear your shoes out, make sure it is dry out. This will help avoid dirt and mud from getting trapped in the creases.
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4. [Less than $10.00] Buy Spring Trees. Each time you take your shoes off, put them on a shoe tree like this one. It will help avoid creases all together.
Shoe Spring Trees by Angelus now on Leather Care Supply

5. [FREE] Ball up your socks and stick them in the shoe.
6. [Less than $10.00] Use the Force. Spend a little bit of cash on Forcefields. These shoe box jedi guardians make sure that you never have a crease again. For less than $10 you can get a guarantee against shoe crease.  
Check out this one out!
Sneaker Shield
7. [FREE] Walk like a penguin. Yes, this is a thing. YouTubers JumperManKris and JonnyBubbles (and a thread on Reddit) recommend this technique for people that still want to go out wearing their sneaks, but who don't want to crease their shoe. We don't recommend you do this because A, you'll look funny, and B, it's not good for your foot health to walk incorrectly on purpose. 
8. [$14.95] Shop Sneaker Shields. Sneaker Shields is a sneaker insert with a never crease technology that will make those kicks look like new for so much longer. You won't need to know how to uncrease your sneakers, because you will never have that problem. Your feet will look fresh each time you wear your shoes. This product is the holy grail of "no crease technology."
It's available for a limited supply below
universal never crease technology
Pro Tip: Buy a new shoe 1/2 a size up (If you wear a size 9, then buy a size 9 and a half. Then, buy the Sneaker Shield for the 9 and a half. Guaranteed protection or your money back).

How to Get Creases Out of Sneakers

If you have uncreased shoes, with clean soles, you will look and feel better. If you already have a shoe crease issue, the shoe is not ruined, there are tons of ways to get creases out of shoes.

1. You can use a low heat iron to try to remove the crease. You will need to remove the shoelaces and be very careful, this can be dangerous. It may be easier with a moist towel between the shoe and the iron, but, again, be very careful. Let the moist towel rest on the shoe after while it cools down.

2. You can use a steamer more safely and remove the creases. Since it is less of a direct heat source, you are less likely to damage the shoe.

3. If you have some newer creases that just started to form, massaging the shoe with an oil might help. It won't help those deep down and old creases, but it can lift the new creases a bit.

4. Use alcohol and water in equal amount and spritz it on the shoe. Massage the crease and it will help uncrease it. When you are done massaging, put the shoe on a shoe tree to completely dry.

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