How To Repair High Heels

How To Repair High Heels

Don’t be tardy for the party with a pair of broken heels. If your heels have suffered damage you may think that’s the end of the shoe, and that you’ll have to stay in for the night - or heaven forbid - go in flats. Fix worn out heels with this easy guide and turn up at your local establishment.

Do It Yourself Shoe Repair

Leather Care Supply has the products you need for shoe repair, including products related to heel repair, and heel and toe savers. Do it yourself shoe repair starts here.

Fix High Heels Now

There’s no need to throw out a perfectly good pair of heels. Although it is true that wearing a pair of heels too much can lead to the heel tips or soles coming off, these are easily replaced parts that, when replaced, prolong the life of your shoe. There are two products that Leather Care Supply stocks that can help you do this: the heel tip replacement and the sole replacement.


DIY Heel Tips

Heel tips or heel caps bear the brunt of the damage when wearing high heels. Think about it, when you wear heels, most of your body weight is concentrated in this little pillar. High heel manufacturers understand this, and for this reason the place a detachable heel tip on the bottom of the heel. Dowel inserts can be taken out with pliers and new dowels can be inserted in as a replacement. Keep in mind that metal heel tips last longer than plastic tips as you go about repairing your shoe. Tips cover the metal heel of the shoe in order to stop the clicking sound.


Step 1: Measure the diameter of the damaged heel. This will be the distance from end-to-end in both directions. To help you measure the size heel tips you’ll need refer to this handy chart below: 


Step 2: Remove the old heel tip. Use a pair of pliers, forceps, or an old pair of tweezers. Pliers work best as they allow the greatest range of mechanical movement and strength, but a pair of forceps or tweezers can work - just be sure to wash them thoroughly after using them again on your face.


In order to remove it jimmy the old heel tip. Some heels have screws, so you may have to screw them out in a circular motion. Others can be yanked out by force.


Step 3: Replace old heel tips with new heel tip replacements. For best results pound it with a hammer until it is all the way in. You can also swing the shoe down on a strong surface, although this is not recommended as it may harm the integrity of the shoe. Use your best judgement and get that new heel tip in there!

Sole Replacement Repair

Sole replacements on high heels are easier to install than shoe tips. They can either be slid on the shoe or placed on with super glue.


We hope these tips have been helpful for high heel wearers all around. Now that your heels are fixed you can enjoy more life out of them. We recommend you take your favorite heels and get out there and strut!

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