How to Repair Red Bottom Heels

How to Repair Red Bottom Heels

Summary: You can swap out the red rubber bottoms on Louboutins, or paint over them. (A quick, do-it-yourself guide) 

Broken Red Bottoms 

If you have a pair of famed red bottom heels, you'd probably like to know how to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. But even with the best maintenance and upkeep, disaster can strike at any time and leave your red bottom heels looking worse for wear. You can trip on a stairway, your feet can get tired and force too much pressure into certain areas of the sole, or you can get scuff marks from regular wear and tear when your shoes brush against sidewalks and other hard surfaces.

With so many ways your heels could break, it's good to be aware of all of your options, including red heel repair to fix scuff marks or even replace soles. Read on to learn about the ways you can renew red heels.

5 Ways to Repair Red Bottom Heels

 A. Buying a new pair 

Louboutins (and other famous designers that have replicated his success) have shoes that start at $750. Buying a new pair is your most expensive option. Even though it's a quick and easy fix, you may be interested in other solutions that are a little more cost-effective if the damage is not significant. (Plus, if you know how to repair red bottom heels it can be simple to fix even more intense damage).


 B. Taking your shoes to a cobbler 

This is also an expensive option, but cobblers have the tools to do it right. "You pay for convenience." When you find a cobbler that knows how to repair red bottoms, you can drop your shoes off and rest assured that they're in good hands. Repair may take a week to two weeks. 


 C. DIY: Ordering rubber soles/soling sheet

If you decide you'd like to try a do it yourself (DIY) option we'd like to applaud you for your 1) sophistication and 2) frugality.

Learn DIY Louboutin repair to replace worn-out soles. Our products make it easy to have your shoes looking perfect in no time. Try our Vibram Italian Red Rubber Soles Replacement for a matte finish or our Casali Christian Louboutin Italian Mirrored Red Soles Repair to replace mirrored soles. You can find detailed directions in each product description.

DIY Red sole repair

Vibram (left) and Casali (right). These rubber soles are sheets (soling sheets) that are cut to the thickness of the shoe bottom. 

 D. DIY: Painting over it 

 If the only damage is small scuffs and marks on the soles of your shoes, that's easy to fix. You can use our Angelus Walk On RED - Louboutin Shoes/Boot Sole/Edge Bottom Coat and Restorer to restore the soles of your heels to their former red glory.

Red Bottom paint coat restorer

There are times when you want to replace the rubber sole, and other times when you want to paint over it. Depending on the level of damage - and how well done you want the job to be - you can go for A. B. C. or D. We recommend you order these products and do it yourself, but then again, we have a horse in the race. 

How to Replace Broken Heels on Louboutins

Heels got stuck in a sewer grate? For shame; the man you were with should have parked his Lamborghini closer to the curb. 

Replace broken heels with heel tip replacements.

Broken heel tips can be replaced

Broken heel tips can be replaced. Shop the best heel tip replacement products on Leather Care Supply. You may also search for "high heels" in our search bar. 

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