How to Replace A Zipper

How to Replace A Zipper

How to Replace a Zipper

Zipper problems are common and often result in a person simply discarding the damaged item. However, zippers can be replaced or repaired fairly easily by the average do-it-yourself project or when one desires they can seek professional help. In this article we will discuss the zipper parts, how to replace a zipper, and general zipper care tips that can help prevent zipper damage from occurring.

Parts of a Zipper

Parts of a Zipper


The teeth line both sides of the zipper and are evenly spaced with grooves that intertwine when the zipper is closed. The teeth of a zipper are typically made of metal or plastic and are secured to a fabric closure, which is then sewn into the desired article. Some teeth are individually made, while others are simply a strand of coiled material.


The slider is the piece that is responsible for opening or closing the ipper. Inside the slider is a Y-shaped channel which either meshes the zipper teeth together or separates them depending on whether the operator desires to open or close the zipper.

Zipper Pull

The zipper pull is the piece that is allows a user to operate the zipper. The pull is attached to the slider and makes it easy for the average person to move the zipper slider up and down the rows of teeth.

How to Replace Zipper Sliders

Zipper sliders can seem a bit daunting for the average person, but it is possible for them to be replaced at home, eliminating the need to replace the whole zipper or simply toss the damaged article. The first step is ensuring that you purchase a zipper slide that matches your current slide. Next, remove any fabric, thread, or zipper stops that may be in the way of removing the zipper slide. Finally, remove the slide from the top of the zipper and install the new one, ensuring it is faced the right direction. Test the zipper to confirm the new zipper stop has been installed correctly and then replace any of the removed thread, fabric, or stops.



Why Does a Zipper Separate?

Everyone has experienced the dreaded moment a zipper separates in the middle despite being zipped up just moments before. There is an easy explanation and fix for this common zipper error as well. While most would assume that the teeth would be at fault here, it is more likely to be an error on the part of the zipper slide. As the zipper slide ages, it will begin to spread out, which eventually leads to the Y-shaped feed to fail which prevents the zipper teeth from meshing together to close the zipper.

How to Fix a Separated Zipper

Following the steps above to replace a zipper slide can help to salvage the item on which a zipper has come separated. If someone feels confident enough, they can also take a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the channels closer together to repair the zipper slide. However, if it turns out that the teeth are at fault because they have become damaged, then the whole zipper will need to be replaced.

Types of Zippers Nylon Coil, Invisible, Metal and Plastic

Zipper types: Nylon Coil, Invisible, Metal, Plastic Molded

Do Dry Cleaners Replace Zippers?

The simple answer is yes. Most dry cleaners provide simple services such as zipper replacement to customers at an added cost. Most dry cleaners will provide a repair service for common zipper problems as well. If you don't feel confident repairing your zipper yourself, this is an affordable option that can provide you with the needed security that it was done correctly for a small cost.

Where Can I Get Replacement Parts for my Damaged Zipper?

Zipper replacement parts can be purchased at most retailer with sewing departments and specialty stores. Additionally, there are many options online for purchasing the needed replacement parts and other items that could help with general care. However, if you really want to be prepared it is recommended that you purchase a zipper repair kit so that you can be ready to repair any zipper that becomes damaged or needs parts replaced. This kit comes with everything you need to complete the repair steps detailed in this article. Then you can rest assured that you'll always have everything needed on hand to repair any zipper.


Zipper Care Kit Leather Care Supply

194 piece Ultimate Zipper Repair Care Kit $26.15 - comes with everything you see here. Enough replacement zippers to change uniforms and repair costumes for theater productions - available on Leather Care Supply. 

Zipper lubricant stick

Like Chap-Stick for your Zipper! Wax based lubricant stick, Zipper Ease Lubricant Stick - $4.95 Rub it on the zipper and get zippers to re-slide again. 

How to Fix a Stuck Zipper

Zipper stuck? Simple fix. A little bit of zipper lubricant can help to free the zipper up without the need to replace any parts. If it didn't work, not to worry - Leather Care Supply has a very lenient and forgiving return policy - simply return it and have your money refunded.

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