Maintain Shoe Spotlessness

Maintain Shoe Spotlessness

Keep Kicks Spotless


Running out the door with your fresh crispy kicks is the best way to start a cool day. But keeping those sneakers clean will be a Herculean task.

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You really want to keep this pair of sneakers. You really don't want someone stepping on them -🎵 like they stepped on Elvis' blue suede shoes... 🎵

Elvis Blue Suede Shoes

"Well you can do anything but don't step on my blue suede shoes." - Elvis Presley

Step Off My Kicks

Whether it is Puma, Converse, Nike --  or whatever brand --  those kicks deserve to be treated like the trophies they really are.

If you are the new owner of a fresh out of the box sneaker you are no doubt feeling like a million bucks. 

"Taking those shoes out of the box and seeing them for the first time on your feet feels like heaven." 

How to not get your kicks dirty

The last thing you want to do is lose the brilliance of your kicks. Owning a "trophy case sneaker" is a step up in style and protecting that style is the word of the day. Therefore, before you have thoughts about hitting the pavement with your new sneakers spray a shoe protectant on them. This will help to keep them flawless and looking perfect. Like their first day on your feet, and that proud feeling you first had, none of that has to go away.

Rancid Yellow to Icy Cool Blue

Be Honest with yourself.


These superhero protectors can shield, protect, and invisibly- protect your custom kicks. 

Keep Kicks Spotless Scarlet

(But they're not as hot as Scarlett Johansson).

Protect your investment with Sole Protector for basketball shoes. The clear material lets you wear your kicks up to 30 times without the risk of sunlight yellowing white bottoms, wear and tear, and dirt. Gain better traction with anti-scratch properties and make your shoes more durable. 


"You don't have to lose a friend just because they stepped on your shoe. Just buy Sole Protector"

-Leather Care Supply marketing department

sneakers with wrap

Sole Protect protects shoes from yellowing.


Learn more about products that can get you a clean Clean Sole

To get a clean soul, we recommend fasting and meditation.

"Those are some awfully good looking sneakers"

Stepping out of the house and getting that first scuff on your kicks is the pits. Not only that, dirty sneakers seem to drag down everything else you're wearing. How do you keep your kicks clean and under control?

You will have crispy kicks every time you want to be seen in your sneakers.

Another tool we have is called Crep Protect. It is a shoe protectant that gets rid of those extra small smudges that will be getting on your kicks. 

crep protect

Shake the can up good for around three seconds before using and you will be good to go. When spraying keep the nozzle about eight inches away from your sneaker.

Let them dry for ten minutes and then they are ready to go.

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It allows pinpoint precision with its four-millimeter pump tip. Perhaps you want to create your own patterns. Crep protect Mark On can do that as well. The main thing is to keep those sneakers looking good and keeping the colors are clean and crisp. 

 Adidas Yeezy Collection

Can you put Crep Protect on Yeezys?

If you were lucky enough to get a pair of the Yeezy 350s, then congratulations. Keeping them looking right is going to be a chore. The good news is Crep Protect can be used on Yeezys. This spray-on will protect your best kicks in style. This is the spray to keep away the water, dust and stains that will ruin your day. Applying Crep Protect every so often, say monthly is also a good idea. It has a light fragrance and an antimicrobial agent in the spray that will keep your kicks in top shape. 

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There you have it! With these tips you will have crispy kicks every time you want to be seen in your sneakers.

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Famous Quotes by Key And Peele

Key and Peele

(Links direct to YouTube, content property of Comedy Central)

"A-aron"  -Jordan Peele, Substitute Teacher

"This is G2 people! It should be a party, with pizza and anchovies - pineapple!... Let's lift up the spirits!" -Keegan-Michael Key, Gremlins 2 Brainstorming

"Hingle McKringleberry" -Jordan Peele, East/West College Bowl

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