Keep Those Leather Shoes Shiny!

Keep Those Leather Shoes Shiny!

When it comes time to take care of your leather shoe collection, turn to leather shoe polish and natural shoe shiners. Some people assume that once you get a scuff or cut across your shoe that it’s gone for good. Not so; leather has a shimmer and a life all of its own. With proper maintenance and tender-love-and-care your shoes can look shiny new for years.



No Need For Traditional Shoe Shiners Anymore


Shoe shiners in the days of old were true craftsmen in the art of preserving the longevity of leather shoes. We remember with fond memories the days of shoe shine boys on street corners, working on a busy intersection with only a stool, a brush, some rags, and a tin of leather shoe polish. They would work long hours in bustling cities outside hotels, bus stations, and financial districts. For each pair of shoes shines, they’d make a nickle or a dime.



However, you need not develop the lifestyle of a shoe shine boy in order to take care of them correctly. Maximizing the life of a leather dress shoe requires cleaning, conditioning, protectant and shiner. This last part is where Leather Care Supply shines. We connect you with the top manufacturers in the leather shoe care industry, and bring you bottom dollar prices on time-tested brands. With our help you can build your own shoe shine kit (or buy one of the many leather shoe care kits available in stock).



Build a Leather Shoe Polish Kit


Those in the military will recognize the importance of keeping your shoes shiny. Leather shoe kits available on military bases worked and got the job done. Whether you’re looking to meet your basic needs, or customize a more elaborate kit, be sure to have these basic products on hand:



  • Polish
  • Horsehair brush
  • Shine cloth, rags and cotton balls
  • Finisher

Leather Polish


To keep those leather shoes shiny turn to leather shoe polish. Our favorite product so far have been Cadillac Classic. The rich creamy texture works into the grooves created after so much use, restoring the life and shine of the shoe.





Be sure to read our brush guide before purchasing. Generally, horsehair brushes work well on all types of leather shoes, but nubuck and suede may need other textures of brushes.



Shine Cloth


Be sure to select a polishing cloth constructed from quality fibers. We recommend Moneysworth Best’s polishing cloths as they ensure a high gloss finish each and every time.





No shoe polishers are complete without a finisher to add that lustrous shine. Finisher products should be applied once the polish has been worked into the shoe. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our extensive line of finishing leather shoe preservatives that protect the shoe against the elements, and give a lustrous shine for time to come.




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