Keep Your Feet Warm With This Season With Winter Insoles

Keep Your Feet Warm With This Season With Winter Insoles

Summary: Turn up the temperature this winter season with warm, inviting winter insoles.

As the snow falls outside, and the blizzard rages by, you’ll be inside - safe, toasty and dry. As the heavy snow falls, blanketing the earth with white powdery bliss, you’ll be protected from winter’s cold kiss.

Pull over the blanket, bid adieu to the night, because warm winter insoles feel light and quite right.

Did you know the Danish actually have a word for this warm & toasty feeling?

It's called #hygge

(And yes it does have a hashtag before it. It got it's start on Instagram). Here's a little feel on what this feeling feels like #youfeelme


Source: YouTube, The Scandinavian Hygge Lifestyle Taking The World By Storm


Safe, Cozy, and Sound

As the winter season draws nearer, Leather Care Supply is reminded of toasty homes and open chimney fires. We can’t wait to bury under blankets, turn up the heat, and be at home, snuggling up with the ones we love. Part of that scene involves making a hot cup of cocoa, tea, or milk - and running across the cool floor from the kitchen to the living room.

Fireside Log Cabin in Winter Time firewood fireside Hygge

Source: Pfeifferdesign

Indoors it's easy to keep warm. Indoors it’s easy to feel taken cared for; that's why the lifestyle is centered around candlelight, wine, and warm cocoa.

That Cold Cold

But outdoors, it's a different story.

Outdoors the storms of Winterfell rage. Outside, the crashing waves of Deadliest Catch crash upon you. 

Blizzard Outside Unsplash Hygge Cold Icy

Source: Unsplash

It's unrelenting. It's harsh. It's Siberian. And it's brutal. 

When the cold wind chill hits your face for the first time, it’s only a moment in time until your whole body starts to shake from the cold. You’ll wish you were warm, cuddled in bed - as visions of leather honey dances in your head.

Unto the Breach, Dear Friends

But as you walk outside - which you inevitably have to - the bracing, sharp drop is immediate. The cold cuts like a silver knife and your backbone shakes from the rattle of shivers. A gust of wind may hit your face, as you jostle, shaking, with the frozen door handles on your car. Keys are cold to the touch. Handshakes leave you feeling like you wished you had gloves on. Each step you take feels like you are walking on icicles, and each movement can feel as though your body is creaking like a rusted door hinge.


Cold yet? Winter hasn’t even started.

(Tomorrow the forecast says it will be twice as cold). 

Toasty Toes Take You Back to a Warm Home

If you feel like you’ve been ripped away from the comforts of a comfy couch or a sweet, gentle, bed - take that cozy feeling with you whenever you go outside with warm insoles. It’s important to take care of yourself this winter season. Before your toes start to feel like Frosty the Snowman, and your body starts to shiver, give yourself a boost with warm arrows in your quiver.


Low-cost warm winter insoles fit snugly into your shoe and prevent heat loss while guarding against dampness. Here are our 7 favorite winter insoles that will Keep Your Feet Warm.


  1. Moneysworth & Best Arctic Winter-Warm Insoles. Made with thermal wool felt sewn in with aluminum, these insoles trap heat and cushion the foot. $9.95 a pair
  2. J.T.Foote Alaskan Wool Felt Warm & Dry Feet Durable/Industrial Insoles. Blended wool felt insoles will bring you back to that warm cul-de-sac where neighborhood children played ball, and each person in the community knew each other. $8/95 a pair
  3. Moneysworth & Best Women's Sheepskin Replacement 100% Pure Lambswool Warm/Dry Insoles. Women will appreciate German-made quality in pure lambswool. Use them on your work shoes or slip them on under high heels. You’ll love how soft they feel. $7.95 a pair.
  4. Moneysworth & Best Men's Sheepskin Replacement 100% Pure Lambswool Warm/Dry Insoles. Men will enjoy the German-quality inner sheepskin purity that only Moneysworth and Best can deliver. Be careful, boys! You may never want to take them off! $7.95 a pair.
  5. Tacco Women's Polar Fleece Warm Winter Insoles Genuine Lambs Wool. This snuggly long insole ensures warm feet in cold weather. Pamper those tired tootsies, ladies! $6.95 a pair.
  6. Tacco Men's Polar Fleece Warm Winter Insoles Genuine Lambs Wool. Gentlemen, if you were a polar bear, these are the insoles you would wear. This item, priced $6.95 a pair has a breathable RelaxFlex layer.
  7. Birkenstock Birko Balance Arch Support Maximum Stability Insoles are made for the court. They're very easy to put in, and also retain heat.  

There you have it, seven ways to keep your feet warm in severe winter conditions! Remember, that if you have cold feet, your spouse may not want to cuddle with you. Hug that partner close. Stay #hygge


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