Leather Protectants & Water Repellants Work Wonders

Leather Protectants & Water Repellants Work Wonders

Water is leather’s worst enemy. When moisture seeps into a leather shoe, water forms temporary bonds with the natural lubricating oils present in leather, and washes them away. This leaves leather dry and stiff, making it more likely to crack. The molecules that allow leather to be flexible are more easily broken when a leather shoe has been exposed to water.

What to Do?

In order to avoid this situation, a savvy individual will place leather water repellant on their shoe before going out in the rain or snow. However, if the wet weather has already washed away the naturally occurring oils in leather, it is imperative to re-moisturize the hide. The way to do so is through leather protectants and leather conditioners.

Why Moisturize?

Remember that leather is like your skin, and that it will look and feel better when it is moisturized. The same way your dermatologist will tell you to moisturize your skin, so do we at Leather Care Supply advise you to moisturize your leather shoes through leather protectant. Do this at least once a month. The conditioner will keep leather supple. By doing so you will also avoid cracks, or ugly bend marks that set in when a shoe is dehydrated.

We advise our clients to massage cleaners and conditioners into the leather. Products like Angelus, Cadillac, Brickmore and Fiebing’s preserve smooth leather and are ideal for reconditioning old leather.

Why Waterproof?

Waterproofing creates a barrier between the hazardous outside elements and the shoe, ensuring water can’t get in. Keep in mind too, that creating a barrier also has its downside. Leather needs to breathe; too much of a barrier will keep water out, yes, but will also prevent the shoe from breathing. To avoid this common problem associated with waterproofing products look to our protectors and preservatives. We carry the highest quality brands that put the health of your leather shoe in first place.

How to Keep Shoes in Good Condition

Before using leather water repellant and/or leather protectant, or any form of conditioner whatsoever, be sure the leather is clean. Take a brush, followed by a cloth and ensure dirt is completely removed from the exterior of the shoe before beginning work. Secondly, wipe down the shoe with a damp cloth. Be sure not to apply any external sources of heat like blow dryers, heating lamps or lighting lamps; these is a myth that the extra heat will “open up the pores” of the leather material, yet this is not true. The heat generated from your wiping motion should be enough to work the protectant into the shoe. Next, take another cloth and work the conditioner, protectant or repellant into the fabric of the shoe. Take heed not to add too much; you’ll know you added too much conditioner when your shoes develop a sheen that causes them to look really wet. As a general rule, condition your shoes every 5 to 10 wears.

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