Leather Robbers Steal $13,000 of Leather Jackets from Harley Davidson

Leather Robbers Steal $13,000 of Leather Jackets from Harley Davidson

The incident took place on November 10, 2019, Sunday at 2:30 a.m. in Goshen, Indiana. 

The robbery took just 20 minutes.

Two men in gloves and ski masks broke open the door to a Harley Davidson shop with a crowbar and stole $13,000 worth of leather jackets.

The robbers knew the interior layout of the store, and in all likelihood scouted the location a few days beforehand. 

They avoided the motorcycles. They avoided the lower ticket items.

Robbers stealing leather jackets through trash cans

Entering in with two trashcans, they made a direct approach towards the back of the store. Here, they proceeded to unload a large rack which housed a collection of jackets - Harley Davidson's most lightweight, and expensive riding gear. 

In less than two minutes they unloaded the garbage cans into the getaway car. The car, a white Chrysler 300 was later spotted two days later.

The robbers are nowhere to be found. The Visalia County Police Department dusted for prints but the suspects wore gloves. 

"They certainly knew what they were after. By the time they got the door open to the time they were out the door it was 45 to 50 seconds. Jackets and vests are easily resellable," said general manager Geoff Allan. Allan went on to say "It's tough. It's tough to lose something like that and see stuff just go out the doors. You feel a little violated. I'm just glad it didn't happen when people were in the store."

Geoff Allan Harley Davidson of Goshen General Manager

His message to the robbers: "I hope they find you and put you away for whatever time you get for stealing $13,000 worth of stuff." 

Anyone with information is asked to call the Tulare County Sheriff's Office in Indiana. 

Leather Jacket Robbers Indiana 13000 worth of leather stolen Leather Care Supply


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