How to Create Custom Kicks Online

How to Create Custom Kicks Online
“Comfortable shoes and the freedom to leave are the two most important things in life.” -Shel Silverstein

When I was in high school, the idea of creating custom shoes went as far as using permanent marker on a pair of Vans. These days, the shoe game has stepped up exponentially. Everyone wants personalized product that no one else has - but not everyone knows the best place to find them.


Top 4 Brands in the Game

IN THIS POST I break down the top 4 companies in footwear for 2018: Nike, Adidas, Vans, and New Balance. Whether you’re a skater into streetwear or a baller that wants to make a statement, these online marketplaces allow you to customize shoes without getting paint on your fingers.

If you’ve ever wanted your own pair of custom kicks - but didn’t have the talented hook-up of a shoe artist - you can still create one using their platform. 😃 I explore some of the artists Nike, Adidas, Vans, and New Balance are working with and teach you ways to cop your own kicks. 

1. Nike - Nike ID

nike jumping puddle

Start with a blank canvas and recreate your favorite old school Nikes with Nike ID. Playing on the concept of an ID (identification) that’s customized for you, Nike has listened to consumers and given them a platform to ideate and conjure up new creations based on old classics. 

You can choose from Lifestyle, Training, Running, Basketball, and Soccer shoes.

nike custom nikeid shoes property of nike

Since it takes their team time to draft them up, Nike custom shoes are delivered to you 3 to 5 weeks after.


>>Need inspiration? HighSnobiety listed their top 15 Nike shoes here.


2. Adidas - Mididas

Adidas jumping in Rain property of Pixabay

To be fair, Run-D.M.C. came up with the song “My Adidas” in 1986 🤔 Miadidas is a clever play on “My Adidas.”


Miadidas #MIADIDAS invites you to start with a silhouette. You build up the shoe from there. Light them up with your favorite sports team name or choose from athletes like Damian Lillard and James Harden. They ship for free 3 to 5 weeks after original purchase date.  

On Adidas' store:

Custom sandals start at $35 and up

Property_of_Adidas_Sandals_001.pngCustom Shoe LCS

Custom women's & men's Shoes start at ~ $40 and up! 

They go up from there exponentially; every additional ad-on is another fee added on top of an already expensive shoe. 

Adidas_custom_shoes_150.png LCS leather care supply paints shoe paints God please google take my alt tag love harmony meta world peace


3. Vans - Vans Customs

Vans is continuing their rebel culture of skate, surf, and street-wear with custom design shoes available on “Off the Wall” Customs. They feature various options for men, women, kids, and backpacks on their #VANSCUSTOMS website.

vans off the wall custom

There you can also explore custom made work by pro skater & shoe designer Lizzie Armanto, or upload your own designs and give the Vans team creative freedom to create you something based on your unique aesthetics. Vans also has a Customize feature that lets you modify 8 parts of the shoe, select from up to 28 materials, 28 solids, and 39 patterns.  


Vans boasts a clean user experience and the process just feels really seamless when done over desktop. You really feel like a shoe cobbler as you’re going through, selecting materials, and customizing the 8 different parts of the shoe. I just think its really remarkable that Vans allows this much customization.

shoe anatomy

>>To read further about the 8 different parts of the shoe click here! 🤓#geeks #cobblerlife🤓

 >>To be led further by blatant advertising, check out our Leather Care Paints section!



4. New Balance

New Balance custom shoes start at $149.00 and up.

custom new balance shoe blue property of new balance

New Balance features a variety of templates - which may help or irritate you. If you want carte blanche to let your creative freedom run wild, you may feel frustrated by their limited choices. In this spirit of customization the New Balance brand fell flat. However this could be a good thing - since if you’re new to shoe design, you can see the multitude of ways that the shoe anatomy can be integrated to create something unique.

New Balance lets you login, save the shoes you’ve created, and even share them with friends. Great for exploring concepts or ordering ones of your own!

new balance custom ordering

But Wait There's One More!

Leather Care Supply!

Would you believe, it Leather Care Supply is naming itself as one of the best places to customize a shoe online! 

Leather Care Supply nominates itself

(In our defense, we wrote this article back in 2018).

Since then, we've gotten a few rockstar artists to feature their work on our site. Artists like @dmcustoms and @graure We have two sections on our website dedicated to custom kicks, and another, to custom cleats

Order your custom kicks online. Prices start at $121.50


Order your custom cleats online. Prices start at $300.00


Collaboration vs. Customization

Brands are inviting fans into the collaborative process. According to Highsnobiety, the latest trend in this industry is spearheaded by Nike and Adidas.

The companies allow collaborators into their shops to allow individuals to customize kicks in person. [A way to look to see if this is available in your area is to search “custom shoe collaboration near me” and see what you come up with].

Adidas Has Studios in New York City, Paris, Berlin, and Shanghai

Adidas has studios in New York City, Paris, Berlin, and Shanghai that let you collaboratively work on shoes. You can use their pre-set templates >>


Build with friends >>


Or use your own drawings >> 

😌 👍 🎨 


Find a Local Shoe Artist if Online Prices are Too High

Throughout this process you may find that employing a local shoe artist is a better spend of your money. I recommend doing just that. If you want to take to the streets and discover talented shoe artists and designers in your area, search Twitter and Instagram for the following hashtags.

#nicekicks #solecollector #sneakerfreaker #kicksonfire #sneakernews #theshoegame #jordansdaily #kicksdeals #RIPBobRoss

Let us know what you find!

From Our Wallet to Yours: Leather Care Supply's Message to YOU

"You don't have to spend all this 🤑 🤑 money 🤑 🤑 if you can find them for $15, $20, or $40 bucks bargaining and haggling at your local Ft. Lauderdale SWAP SHOP and then elegantly apply our acryllic dyes, airbrush paints, & spray paint."  

From our family to yours... 🤠 Until next time 

*Pictured on cover: Escobart shoe - Lowtop Custom Nike AF1s

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