When the Leather Meets the Road

When the Leather Meets the Road

Nothing is more macho or truly exhilarating than biking. Many of our customers own motorcycles and motorbikes - while some still get around on horses

Either way, we love our customers! 

In this post, we discuss the overlap between motorcycles and leather. 

Part 1: Leather + Safety on the Road

Part 2: Famous Leather Jackets

Part 3: Bike Equipment 

girl on bicycle motorcycle

Leather + Safety on the Road

The preferred material for motorcyclists is leather. Why? 

First off, it looks cool. 

Second of all, it looks cool. 

Thirdly, leather prevents against wind and rain and insulates from the cold. In the event of an accident, leather apparel saves your body from scratches and road rash that can result from skidding on the pavement. 


TIL target fixation is very real from r/motorcycles


Motorcycle cops wear leather jackets for these reasons. Spoiler (it's because they look cool). Bikers wear leather vests because research found that it's a part of the culture. Naturally, one wants to be in the in-group. 

(Studies done on leather hides found them durable. A study of motorcycle accidents conducted by the George Institute for Global Health confirmed that among those motorcyclists who do not wear a protective jacket such as a leather motorcycle jacket, roughly 92% of those involved in an accident will suffer injury, and of those, 57% suffered abrasion injuries and 43% suffered bruising. Among those wearing a protective jacket, the number injured drops to 78% from 92%, with only 26% suffering from abrasion injuries and 39% suffering bruising.) 

Historically, leather was worn by the Native American Indians as well as the cowboys. It was durable, pliable, and warded well against the nicks and cuts one would experience on the plains or in thick forests. 

Leather has always been a part of nomadic cultures. It can be made from cows & deer, to more exotic animals, like sharks, ostrich, alligator, and stingray. 

types of leather skins

Leather comes from all sorts of animals. In this way, it is egalitarian. Leather doesn't discriminate.  

>>Read more about the history of leather here 

adult biker history

Famous Leather Jackets

Looking back, here are some of the leather jackets, famous actors, and celebrities that made us want to look like them. These celebrities all popularized leather jackets in their time. 

1) James Dean

2) Tom Cruise

3) Eddy Murphy

4) Brad Pitt

5) Keanu Reeves

6) Wolverine 

Who could forget James Dean. This icon just about defined the branding decisions made by motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson during the 1950's.

tom cruise top gun

Or Tom Cruise in Top Gun, before all that Scientology fiasco. Back when bomber jackets meant you were a patriot. 

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Eddy Murphy Delirious

Eddy Murphy in Delirious and Raw, two stand up comedy specials in the 1980's. If you were offended by his course language, chances are you'd be too wimpy to be a biker. 

brad pitt

Brad Pitt sporting the red jacket he wore in Fight Club. He was beyond cool in that movie. 

keanu reeves matrix

Keanu Reeves as Neo during the Matrix trilogy movies. Sure, that trench-coat kept out the rain - but it was his faith that kept out the bullets. 

Wolverine as played by Hugh Jackman. I wanted this jacket so bad when the X-Men movies came out. I even wanted to take up a motorcycle license, but I'll save that story for a future post. 

Motorcycle Personal Protection Equipment

Some of the PPE equipment that will keep you safe on the road include:

  • gloves
  • racing leathers & full body suits
  • shoulder pads
  • elbow pads
  • boots 
  • helmet

A quick note about jeans: These guys did a Mythbusters-style test between kevlar and denim jeans. Both pairs of jeans, Drayko's Kevlar and the Dyneema lined riding jeans were torn in a simulated motorcycle crash. They found no difference in material texture and post crash resistance.  

girl on bike

Realities of Riding a Motorcycle 

People should do the research before making the decision to buy a motorcycle. Know that you need to get a license, pass a test, and find a motorcycle that works for you. The leather jacket is just an accessory at the end of the day. 

Over time, usually a period of weeks to months, the driver will learn how to ride cautiously and be aware that most auto & vehicle drivers do not know how to share the road.

The reality is that you can be dislodged from your motorcycle any time you take it on the road, and don't control for your immediate surroundings. We want to tap you in to a community of fellow bikers & give you tips for the road ahead. 

Reddit Harley (Harley Davidson): https://www.reddit.com/r/harley

harley davidson

We recommend stopping by Reddit Motorcycles for a pit stop. R/Motorcycles is an online community dedicated to finding answers to questions like:

"Strangest problem you’ve had with your bike?"

"How to avoid getting balls crushed when braking?"


Learn where to research motorcycle gear on r/Bike Gear before buying your own - learn from the mistakes others' made. 

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Go Shopping

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Auto care supplies

Leather cleaner, dressing, and water repellent spray - made in the USA


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