Sole Fresh Sole Clean

Sole Fresh Sole Clean

Summary: Protect your investment with Sole Protector™ for basketball shoes. The clear material lets you wear your kicks up to 30 times without the risk of sunlight yellowing white bottoms, wear and tear, and dirt. Gain better traction, better durability, and anti-scratch properties.

Sole Fresh Sole Clean

If you’re afraid of wearing your custom shoes outside, we get it. You want to look cool, but you’re afraid they’re gonna get dirty. What’s a player to do?

On a scale of Rancid Yellow to Icy, how do your custom kicks look?

Sole protector for Jordans #solemate #airjordan #jordan

Sole protector for Jordans #solemate #airjordan #jordan

If they’re anything like the before “Before” picture, you need to cop some Sole Protector™ for shoes. Clear sticky bottoms help remedy oxidation, wear and tear, and the “yellowing” that happens when you wear your sneakers outside.

Anti Yellowing

yellow sneaker bottoms ugly

Why do basketball shoes get yellow?

Shoes yellow over time due to oxidation (exposure to oxygen). This is part of the reason why sneakerheads keep their shoe collection in a shoebox, or wrap their shoes to prevent air from getting in. 

Cleaning tips for yellow soles

If your basketball shoe soles are already yellow, How to Clean Stuff recommends using isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to remove yellow stains from shoe soles. Here's a guide on how to hand wash them

Sole Protector


Shield your soles. One common solution that sneaker enthusiasts everywhere have used is to wrap the soles to prevent exposure. When properly installed, the clear sticker makes your sneaks good for 30+ wears. 

Regular product is good for shoe sizes up to 14. Since Yeezy Boost shoes have a larger sole, this size is limited to a shoe size of 12. (See picture below). 

How to Install Sole Protector™

Sole Protector™ is used to protect the sole of your shoe from "yellowing" sole wear, dirt, and other harmful substances. The custom sole protectors are designed to be easily cut with a sharp pair of scissors to give you the amount of coverage. 

Simply trace the bottoms and cut it out, or apply it to an entire sole and trim to fit. 

Some installations require heat. 

Heat-activated Sole Protector™ 

Some products are heat-activated, meaning they stick better when they are heated up. Using a heat gun (1500 watts is good) or a hairdryer on high go over the sole sticker. Apply it to the shoe and work it into the grooves. (The same way you'd take a sticker and work out the bubbles, work it into the sole of the shoe after proper alignment). Once it's properly aligned on the shoe, heat it again and spread the clear shoe sole protector. Your objective is to cover the outsole and get the SP into the grooves.

If ordering for a Yeezy Boost, due to the large sole the Sole Protector will only fit up to size 12

If ordering for a Yeezy Boost, due to the large sole the Sole Protector will only fit up to size 12. 

..but wait, there's more!

Special Deal for Students

If you're a student (high school, specialty school, college, university) we want to thank you for making the world a better place. Leather Care Supply wants to thank you via our Student Discount. You are required to show school ID proof before claiming your discount. 

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Now get out there and wear those fresh kicks! You are immortal!!! 

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