The 6 Golden Rules of Leather Care

The 6 Golden Rules of Leather Care

Leather is a hardy yet delicate material that requires tender loving care. In order to make your leather shoes, goods, and accessories last a long time ensure they are properly maintained and taken care of. In this article, we help you understand this timeless material and give you information on how to clean, maintain, and restore it. You’ll also learn the rules of leather care, and learn how to take care of leather goods before they become damaged.

Rule #1: Know Your Leather Type

There are a wide range of leather types made from a variety of animal hides, tanning methods, and treatments. “Leather” is an umbrella term that encapsulates many different animal hides, from faux patent leather to fuzzy nubuck, to exotic alligator and snakeskin leathers.


Be sure to check the inside tag that your article comes with in order to see the type of care best suited to it. If you do not have this information and feel you are in possession of a more costly leather article, you can always go to a local shoe repair store and ask a knowledgeable associate for help. It helps to know what type of leather you’re dealing with so that you know its properties, weaknesses and supplies needed to maintain it.


Rule #2: Prevention is Better Than A Cure

Just like with our own health, preventative care is better than cure. The same way that stretching, exercise and a good diet can keep your body salubrious, so too does a preventative leather treatment keep your leather articles in tip top shape. It is far better to weatherproof one’s shoes, for example, then to try and mend them after a brutal blizzard.


Understand that leather is a lot like your own skin; it needs nourishment in order to look its best. Look for products that “moisturize,” “rejuvenate,” and “protect,” like Effax Leather Balm. This helpful product combines leather cleaning and leather care into one product. In addition, the bees’ wax has a moisture repellent effect that helps your leather resist adverse conditions, like rain or snow. Deep cleaning Effax Premium Leather Care Kit protects against moisture and leaves a pleasant smell. It’s far easier to spray on a coat of weatherproof spray than it is to rescue sick shoes from a lifetime of damage.

Rule #3: Avoid Artificial Heat

If your leather accessories have been soaked by water, you may hear advice that recommends you heat it immediately with high heat in order to dry out the leather and remove the moisture as fast as possible. However, application of direct heat, such as with a blow-dryer can leave leather too dry - to the point where it cracks. Better to leave leather out to dry in the sunlight or at regular room temperature. Putting more strain on leather when it already is in a weakened and soggy state will surely make it crack, leaving ugly stretch marks to boot.

Rule #4: Store Footwear Correctly

With proper storage, you have the potential to make your leather shoes last double their lifespan. In order to assist in retaining the shape of your shoes, use a shoe tree to restore your shoes when not in use. Keeping a shoe tree inside your leather shoes while they are in storage will absorb odor, moisture and also keep your shoes from deforming.


Rule #5: Rotate Footwear

Did you know that throughout the course of a day your feet sweat out one pint of water? Gross! Accordingly, be sure to switch out your shoes every other day in order to let them dry off during the night. Too much water inside the shoe will eventually compromise the integrity of the leather.

Rule #6: Use the Right Tools

Apply leather care products such as conditioners and polish to remove scuff marks and mitigate damage. Be sure to clean the product when it is dry, not wet. In order to maximise the life of your leather accessories, use creams with lanolin, genuine oils and other valuable  leather-caring substances to ensure durability. For general leather care use oils that naturally strengthen the materials properties, like Effax Leather-Oil, Effax Boot Polish, or the handy Effax Speedy Leather Shoe Shine Sponge. Keep hard leather soft by applying products that work deep into the product and renew the natural shine and flexible qualities of leather.


In order to prolong the life of leather, you must ensure they are properly taken care of, conditioned, and maintained. By understanding the rules required to correctly take care of your leather goods, you’ll be able to turn these trips, tricks, and tools of the trade to your advantage.

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