The Vacuum Cleaner Meets The Shoe

The Vacuum Cleaner Meets The Shoe

Someone woke up one day and had a brilliant idea: "Let's put a vacuum cleaner on the bottom of shoes, so you can clean as you step!"
This year, at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show that idea became a reality. Each year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) provides consumers with the latest gadgets and gear. An open platform that encourages innovation, the event brings together the best and brightest in the technological community.
However, not all ideas that come out of CES are meant to be a success.


Enter Vacuum Cleaner Shoes

The shoes are a concept that was taken to full-completion by Denso, a Japan-based global auto parts supplier. Every year the company holds an employee competition for new inventions and ideas. Yearly, 12 finalists are chosen, with winners exhibiting at CES. This year the winning design was a pair of Elvis-inspired platform shoes that function as a mini-vacuum cleaner.


For When You Need To Walk and Clean

The shoes are meant to gather dust and other small crumbs as you walk. When your heel hits the ground, a lever turns a gear built into platform that generates electricity and starts the vacuum. The vacuum can then pick up small particles through the front of the shoe. Viralkick calls this prototype - which is not yet going into production - a “shoe-ver.” Their purpose is supposed to be dual function, allowing the individual to walk and vacuum at the same time.

However, arent you already walking when using a manual vacuum cleaner?

Its impracticability lies in the fact that the dirt resides in a small dust box no larger than a Tic Tac mint box. It’s not very good for larger cleanup jobs accordingly. USA Today reporter Jennifer Jolly comments that the “shoe-ver” is unlikely to replace her robot vacuum anytime soon. CNet.com found that “the concept sounds cool, but the shoes are impractical. They're very heavy and not the slightest bit attractive. Since you have to keep pumping your heel up and down to turn on the vacuum, you won’t be able to pick up as much dirt as you walk. Instead you’ll need to repeatedly step in one place and deliberately aim at the debris.

For more technology trends in footwear keep reading the Leather Care Supply blog. 

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