Tips For Maintaining Foot Health

Tips For Maintaining Foot Health

Let’s face it: your feet get walked on all day. Between the tight shoes, constant standing, and  high impact exercises, it is no wonder that more than 50 percent of Americans say that foot pain interferes with their daily activities. In addition, the American Podiatric Medical Association found that only 25 percent of US respondents actually paid attention to their pain.

By simply reading this article you will be among the few taking action help your feet get healthy and mitigate uncomfortable foot pain. Our feet take the brunt of abuse on a daily basis. Put your feet up and follow these tips below.


Don't Ignore Pain

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. When you neglect a part of your body that is consistently hurt, it can lead to increased risks of injury later on in life. Wishing and hoping for the best is not a form of treatment. In the same way you would take your car to a mechanic when you hear a strange noise under the hood, so too should you take precautions when you start to feel the warning signs.


Select Appropriate Footwear for Each Activity

Dress the part in all areas of your life. This maxim applies to preventing foot pain as much as it does in other elements of life. Dressing the part means coming prepared to a sporting event, business meeting, or marathon with the right shoes. You are putting varying pressure on your feet with each new activity undertaken. Play each activity in proper footwear and you will also be playing from a place of strength.


Practice Regular Foot Care

This consists of daily rest, cleaning, and inspection. Inspecting your feet regularly can make all the difference in preventing fungal infections and other bacteria from forming on the bottom of your feet. This often overlooked area is a common place for fissures to be located. Using good hygiene, and drying them well will also prevent fungal organisms from settling between your toes.

Wear Shoes That Fit Properly

Shoes that are too tight cause long term health problems. They may look good, and you may get away with wearing them a few festive nights a month, but prolonged use can lead to injury.

Your daily work shoes should allow you to breathe and move freely. Believe us when we say that we’ve seen all kinds of foot problems that result from neglect. Spending hundreds of dollars now to change your footwear versus thousands in the future on medical bills is a choice that you won’t soon regret. It is one thing to wear a pair of tight-fitting, glossy dance shoes once a while, and another situation entirely when the shoes in your daily rotation cause undue tightness on your feet.

Wear Othotics

Orthotics are devices inserted into a shoe that provide better support for its wearers. The main goal of an orthotic is to provide added support in an area of the foot that is lacking it (i.e. arch, toes, foot pads).

Orthotics combine knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, biomechanics and engineering in order to bring to the modern day consumer a product that can stand the test of time. Patients who need orthotics most may have had an injury or disease, like diabetes, which makes it difficult to traverse the world. Such individuals could benefit from a softer cushion under their tired feet. Maintaining adequate foot health can be difficult for these patients, especially considering how much rest one’s feet really need. When this rest is not given, feet will swell up, become inflamed, and start to malfunction.


Wherever you go and whatever you do, your feet are always under you. By following these 5 tips above you’ll be on your way to ensuring a better and more satisfactory base.

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