We Carry the Top Brands In Shoe Care

We Carry the Top Brands In Shoe Care

Leather is made from the hides of various animals - be they cows, goats, sheep, pigs or even kangaroos. It turns out this material is not too different from your own skin. It requires the same level of care and should be cleaned regularly, moisturized, and buffed up in order to maintain maximum performance and appearance.



Anthony D. Covington, professor emeritus of leather science at the University of Northampton wrote that “the suitability of leather for shoe manufacture is based upon the twin abilities of being able to exclude water, but allow air and water vapor to pass through.” Still, leather can only retain these sought after qualities if you maintain it well.



If you have leather shoes you already know that maintenance is a part of keeping them looking their best. A properly cared for leather shoe can last decades past its purchase date. The only caveat is shoe care; and the quality of the leather shoe care products.



Time Tested Leather Shoe Care Products


That’s where we come in. Leather Shoe Care provides a range of options when it comes to cleaning, softening, conditioning, restoring, waterproofing, protecting and polishing your shoes. We carry a wide selection of creams, polish, cleaners, conditioners, protectors, preservatives, horse products, and repair accessories.

No matter what type of leather or color your shoes are made of, you’ll find well known top quality brands like Kiwi and Angelus. Restore the color of faded or scuffed shoes with rich cream that works into the dressing of the fibers, renewing the life of the leather. Our products bring out the deep natural shine of any colored leather shoe and allow leather to hydrate and breathe.

Discolored tips?

Consider Apple and Angelus shoe care products, which renews color to its original finish.

Working in the rain or snow?

Look to Atsko silicone water guard to give your shoes an extra barrier of protection against the elements. Don’t let the leather toughen up and freeze! Remember to thaw out your boots and let them dry before using them again. For optimal results we recommend using Moneysworth products which restore color and finish to damaged leather.

Why throw out your scuffed shoes when you can buff them?

With buffing cream you can lessen wear and tear marks while bringing out the deep natural shine of your penny loafers.

Tired of working with rags?

We offer materials so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. From sponges by Kiwi to horse hair brushes with varying degrees of coarseness by Bickmore, Leather Care Supply has you covered.  

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