$13,500 For A Pair Of Leather Shoes?!

$13,500 For A Pair Of Leather Shoes?!

Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo has been making leather shoes, handbags, and articles for over 90 years. Most recently the Tuscan based leather designer has released a line of customizable shoes that start at $1,300 U.S. dollars. The most expensive pair, made of alligator fetch a price of $13,500. Which begs us to ask the question “Would you pay $13,500 for a pair of leather shoes?”

Putting A Price On Luxury

Ferragamo is not the first designer, and surely won’t be the last, who uses high-quality design in combination with over-the top prices in order to entice customers. For the materials and labor put into this product, the $13,500 price tag may be questionable but it does make for an interesting marketing campaign that has increased traffic and interest in the Salvatore Ferragamo line.

A Brilliant Marketing Move

Ferragamo is creating a conversation around their product, the Terramezza Made to Order line, the title picture of which features crocodile double monk-strap shoes. Ferragamo is letting shoppers customize the shoe, which comes in three styles: Captoe Oxford, Double Monkstrap, and Monkstrap Boot. Less expensive materials, like ostrich, suede, shrunken calfskin, and smooth calfskin are also available, but still cost thousands (not hundreds) of dollars. Customers can also select from an Antique Gold, Palladium, or Ruthenium belt buckle - none of which affect the price tag, although, if you’re shopping for thirteen-thousand dollar shoes on a whim, price tag will probably be no object.

Seeing as how most of the shoes on Ferragamo’s website fall between the $500 to $1000 price range, this marketing move is wisely calculated, giving leather lovers and shoe snobs another status symbol to chase. The shoes themselves look no different than some of the other men’s leather dress shoes on their site - in fact it can be argued that they are rather gaudy when compared to their more upstanding, professional, and conservative line of men’s dress shoes, available here.


As a company and brand, Ferragamo is in a position to actually get taken seriously with the Terramezza Made to Order campaign. No ordinary organization can put a 1000% markup on one of their items and get taken seriously. With this impetus, Ferragamo is rising to the ranks of other Italian fashion designers like Versace, Cavalli, and Valentino. The item is likely to be featured at fashion shows throughout the world, including Milan, New York, and Paris. The awareness and exposure gained through this campaign will likely provide another impulse buy for individuals that don’t look at price tags.


The Choice Is Yours

At the end of the day, it is up to you whether you believe the shoes warrant the price tag. You can certainly find a quality pair of leather shoes that can last decades with proper maintenance (without spending over 13 grand).

If you do decide that these pair of Ferragamo's are for you, make sure you use only the best leather shoe care product to shine shine your shoes.

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