Beyond Shoe Repair Shops Leather Is Found Everywhere

Beyond Shoe Repair Shops Leather Is Found Everywhere

Summary: Leather touches all aspects of your life. Learn where this cowboy-friendly material is used (and all the industries that would not be the same without this fine material). 

Leather is not just for shoe repair shops. 

The material is used ubiquitously in a variety of industries that you might not know about. Let's take a look!

1. Motorcycles

adult biker black leather jacket leather seat upholstery

2. Boating

boat leather interior yacht yachting inside

3. Furniture

pexels-photo-labrador-golden retriever-couch-armrest-chair-classic-classical-furniture

4. Antique Cars

classic car leather interior white

5. Apparel


6. Saddlery 

horsing around leather shoe saddlery boots horse equine

7. Military/Hunting

black military boots merica ameriica usa flag va

As you can clearly see, leather is everywhere. Shop Leather Care Supply if you're looking for these products! 

Shoe cream for your motorcycle seat

Car leather cleaner and conditioner

Furniture stain remover

Leather dye (now available in mocasin brown) 

Cleaner conditioner protector kit

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