How to Care for Your Louboutins

How to Care for Your Louboutins

French fashion designer Christian Louboutin did not create his infamous red-soled shoes for them to stay in your closet. They're too good for that. They're probably too good for you.

Personally, as a shoe repair store in South Florida, we love the shoe. We love its passion-red sole, its skyscraper length, and even the pain that comes along with wearing a pair. 

Louboutins spikes suede and black

Beauty is pain. The spikes may appear to be on the outside of the shoe - but the pain is all internal. Ladies, you'll think the spikes were made to go on the inside once you stand around in these for an hour. 

Paris Louboutins

Why care for Louboutins in the first place?

I mean you could just buy another one.

If you're reading this post, then chances are you own at least one pair of Louboutins. But as an educated consumer looking to maximize your wardrobe, you probably want to make the most of your money and time. 

The number one reason you should care for these expensive shoes is because they are expensive - duh!! 

According to Wikipedia, "Louboutins can sell from $495 and up, with crystal-encrusted pairs costing up to $6,000." 

Eklectica 85 845.00

The above pair, Eklectica 85 retails for $845.00. 

When possible, we like to save our readers money. We also like giving them greater options when it comes to their wardrobe. We hate to see a good shoe be relegated to a dark shoe-box in a dusty closet somewhere - not that we're calling your closet dusty.

Here are the top 3 ways to care for your Louboutins. (Some professional help is required). 

Option # 1: Replace the tips

A night of dancing and fun around Miami Beach will certainly put undue stress on the main pressure point of the shoe. High heels were made to be broken; when you start talking about 4, 5, 6, inch heels, you can almost guarantee that the tip will crack. 

For this reason pins, taps, dowels, and heel tips were invented. There's no reason to replace the whole shoe if heel tip replacements are all you need.  

prada heel tip

^ This Prada heel tip is a perfect example of a do-it-yourself project that can put your shoes back into circulation. You can shop heel tips here and install them yourself.

If you're not feeling up for it bring them to a local cobbler that knows how to work with iconic shoe brands. 

Our address is

223 N Federal Hwy, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009


Option # 2: Refinish The Sole

A scuffed or scratched sole ruins the whole point of wearing Louboutins. Wear and tear on a $1000+ pair of shoes is simply unacceptable, especially when that beautiful red lacquer has been compromised. 

louboutins panther

At Leather Care Supply we add a thin sole that matches the red rubber/leather-soled Christian Louboutin shoes. 

"Yeah but it won't look like the original" -- you'll tell us. 

"No it won't," we reply. "We have a guy." 

Refinishing such an iconic sole isn't easy as it requires matching materials. However, rest assured that we have the tools in-house to be able to facilitate such a delicate operation. 

Red sole repair is now available at this location:

223 N Federal Hwy, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

When we return your shoes, you will be tempted to think that they are a brand new pair!

Option # 3: Shine On

The third option is to shine the shoes yourself.

louboutins red cover

For example, in this picture, we see a black calfskin shoe which can easily be polished with a black creme. This creme will bring out the shine and natural patina of the black leather. For an amazing list of products check out our Shoe Polish and Creme section. 

^ for the above shoe in the Christian Louboutin storefront we recommend the Saphir Pate de Luxe Shoe Polish Wax (in black). 

Bring Us Your Damaged Louboutins!

We have the tools, staff, and product necessary to give new life to your designer shoes. When we return your shoes, you will be tempted to think that they are a brand new pair!

We have a convenient location close to Aventura, Hallendale, and Sunny Isles. Bring us your damaged shoes, purses, handbags, and leather accessories. We'll make them new again. 

223 N Federal Hwy, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

big Louboutin dark shoe 6 inch heel

*all pictures were taken in Aventura Mall in South Florida at the Christian Louboutin store & Neiman Marcus. Shoes are the property of their respective owners. We have no affiliations with Louboutin and Prada...yet ;) 

Louboutins red shoe with purse

Random facts about Christian Louboutin's work 

  • Catawiki reports that over 500,000 pairs of Louboutins are sold per year 
  • The iconic red shoe was inspired by Andy Warhol's "Flowers"
  • The red sole was designed by accident. Christian decided to use red nail polish to brighten the boring black sole of a shoe almost two decades ago.
  • Red is said to symbolize love, passion and blood, which empowers women and unleashes their inner confidence

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