Introducing The Spenco Line

Introducing The Spenco Line

For a shoe that is out of the ordinary, look no further than the Spenco line, now available on Leather Care Supply. Leather Care Supply is a proud vendor of Spenco products, now available here on our website.



Spenco has been around since 1967, when W. R. Spence, M.D., a specialist in physical medicine, developed products to help individuals live healthier lives. Till this day the healthcare company is dedicated to helping consumers achieve more comfort with their line of support insoles and orthotic sandals.



Here’s why we love ‘em - and why we’re so happy to bring them to you! 



Nobody Likes Flimsy Flip Flops 


Great for the pool and beach, sandals and flip flops are great when you want to let your foot breathe. They slip on like a breeze, and can even be worn into the water to rinse off at the end of the day. The ease of access is unmatched in all areas of your life - simply slip them on when you need to take out the trash, or to go outside and briefly walk the dog.



However, if you need to drive around town (when shopping or doing chores) traditional flip flops can feel no better than cardboard and a thin piece of string. With flimsy flip flops you constantly feel as if the thong of the shoe is about to break.



These flimsy flip flops do not have the durability to let you traverse a city, and elbow your way through a shopping mall on Black Friday, for example. They can’t stand up to different surfaces, like hot concrete or jagged gravel, leaving your foot unprotected. Nor can they effectively grasp your foot when pressing down on the brake and accelerator pedals of your vehicle.



So what are we to do? Must we give up on the fabled flip flop? Is it possible to maintain the ease of access and comfort of sandals without sacrificing functionality and durability? Or must we pull out the dreaded socks and cumbersome sneakers from the closet?



The Feel Good Flip Flops


Thankfully, with Spenco, you don’t have to give up on your favorite flip-flop! Re-engineered from the ground up, Spenco sandals are anything but ordinary. Utilizing a proven contoured shape, Spenco uses memory foam to increase under foot cushion, maintaining total support for the perfect contoured shape. Comfort is a must, but should never be sacrificed at the cost of functionality. If you’re out running chores, or driving from place to place it is important to have a flip flop that you can rely on.



Take, for example, the Yumi total sandal. Two-part outsole is constructed of lightweight compression-molded EVA and rubber, combining casual slip-on style with a technically inspired footbed that’s built to last. 

For men, the Spenco Men’s Siesta Orthotic slide on sandals let you pamper those tired tootsies. Soft linings and supple edges bind the foot for guaranteed comfort. Equal heel and forefoot height means provide metatarsal arch support and relieve foot pain from the ball of your foot. And when it comes time to step on the gas pedal, rest assured that these sandals can be relied upon!



For a full list of Spenco products click here. You’ll find functionality, fashionable looks, and foot support that will never slip off. 



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