Keeping Your Feet Healthy During The Winter

Keeping Your Feet Healthy During The Winter

The Importance of Foot Health

Doctor Matthew Garoufalis a podiatrist and APMA past-president mentions that "each season presents unique challenges to foot health. Surveys and research tell us that foot health is intrinsic to overall health, so protecting feet all year long is vital to our overall well-being” (Source).
A common traditional saying in Greece goes something like this “it all starts with the feet.” And how true that is! Feet keep us grounded to the earth and act as a point of contact with the floor. We carry our weight on our feet - which is why exercise is recommended for overweight people; carrying all that weight around presents a challenge to our ankles, shins, and the cushions of our feet. We may carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, but that weight is carried on our feet.
We need to give ourselves every advantage.

Winter is Here

Foot health and foot hygiene becomes even more difficult during the winter months. That’s because the cold, ice, sleet, and snow presents an additional challenge to overcome. With the winter season in full force, your feet are exposed to the hazardous combination of cold, damp footwear and dry indoor heat. This makes your likelihood of exposure to foot problems greater than ever.
Feeling cold? Slip on a pair of J.T.Foote Alaskan Wool Felt Warm & Dry Insoles. These insoles, and others like it, are worn by Alaskan North Atlantic fisherman. In temperatures where cold water that seeps into shoes can turn into ice in less than an hour, it is crucial to defend our base against the blizzard.


Beware of Frostbite!

Dr. Garoufalis goes on to say that “exposing feet to extreme temperatures means risking frostbite and injury.” This means that during the winter months, especially, feet are most likely to get into trouble. Any moisture that comes into contact with the feet is likely to stay at the base of the shoe and present challenges down the line. This can happen a variety of ways. Maybe you have a shoe sole that is cut open at the base, or perhaps you’re wearing an old pair of shoes that have crevices where slush can seep in. Perhaps you walk through a puddle so deep that the water goes over and above the lid of your boots - all the way into your boots!
The weather has a way of working itself not only into your clothing, your skin, but into your bones. I mean this in a metaphorical sense, but you’ll swear after talking with people that have had to shovel snow, or those who get caught in a blizzard, that the cold has an insidious way of working its way into your body.

Top Products for Winter Foot Health

  1. Foot odor: Fiebing's Fresh Feet Spray, Foot Health and Hygeine, & Fresh Scent Shoe Spray
  2. Warm Insoles: Tacco Sheepskin Leather Insoles, & Insoles/Inserts
  3. Blisters, Bumps, and Cushioning: Pedifix Felt Hammer Toe Cushion Comforts, Powerstep Arch Boosters Cushion Support
  4. Healing: Deep-Healing Foot Cream, Neat Feat Foot Scrub Soap - Fruit and Walnut

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