Walk On a Cloud with Insoles from Leather Care

Walk On a Cloud with Insoles from Leather Care

If you walk, hike, or work on your feet all day you know too well the pressure that your feet are under. If blisters, sore spots, and foot arches prevent you from enjoying a fuller life, it may be time to add some extra protection to the bottom of your feet. You could go for a more expensive shoe, one that has a more flexible sole, or added inner cushions. Or you could opt for a less expensive solution and add insoles to the shoes you use every day.



You may think that shoe insoles are just a skimpy piece of gelatinous plastic, and that they would not be able to offer any health benefits, but you would be surprised how far the technology has come. This blog talks about the benefits of shoe soles, and offers consumers solutions for their aches and pains - solutions that get you moving! 



Shoe Insoles


Shoe insoles work in any kind of footwear. They provide added comfort and support, and distribute your weight more evenly across the shoe. Each day you pound away at your poor feet, and come home waiting to take them off. Lessen this feeling with an insole that works in any kind of footwear. The New Balance IPR3030 with Metatarsal Support not only redistributes your weight, but absorbs shock and wicks away moisture. When you peel off your shoes at the end of the day your feet will feel refreshed and pampered.



Customized for Work and Play


Each person has a distinctive walking style. Some people walk more on their heels, while others have the ball of their foot make first contact with the ground. Movement is not just bi-directional (as in forward and backward), but side to side as well. Pivoting, shuffling, and stepping side-to-side are actions done each day by athletes of all ages and competitive levels. From youth sports players to Olympic athletes, to working women on the go, soles help better cushion the foot from the friction experienced on and off the field.



Take, for example, our Birkenstock Birko Balance Arch Support Insoles. Made with cork and leather they fit in the back of the shoe, and are designed to help control the arch of the foot. Individuals with excessive pronation (foot rolling inward) or supination (foot rolling outward) would benefit from these devices. High sided longitudinal support cushions the foot, while metatarsal arch supports  work in tandem with a deep heel cup to stabilize your feet. 

Insoles for Ladies Dress Shoes


Ladies, do you like wearing heels? Wait, don’t answer.



Insoles are not just for sneakers and dress shoes. Perfectly made for all women’s shoes, including heels, stilettos, strappy sandals, and ankle boots,  thin and narrow soles allow women to look more svelte and elegant. For example, Tacco Star Heelz Pedi Feetz are cute, pink cushion pads that relieve the foot of pressure. Due to their unique shape they can be used in open toed shoes, from the highest stilettos to flats for the beach. Best of all, they prevent that disturbing forward slip. These shoe insoles are made with Poron, a micro cellular material that is unmatched in its cushioning properties. Poron was developed specifically for medical purposes, and was used to relieve pressure points in patients’ joints. For a full list of insoles made from this modern material click here!



From arch support to heel support and everything in between, count on insoles to align your foot, and take the shock away from your feet. Whether on your daily grind or a particularly strenuous workout you deserve to walk as if you’re on a cloud.

You’ve been on your feet long enough…put your feet up.



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