Dragon Ball Z Adidas Shoe Release 2018

Dragon Ball Z Adidas Shoe Release 2018 0

Summary: Adidas Dragon Ball Z Shoe Collection looked so good we had to write a post about it. 

shoe collection DBZ

image credit s2DoubleU 

Leather Care Supply is on the scene, covering it live! 


How This Story Developed 

We caught wind of this developing incident on Reddit. 

r/Sneakers of all places...

Goku Reddit

The original Reddit post led our Journalistic Integrity Team search further, finding the unboxing video by s2DoubleU. According to his Instagram he is an "average guy reviewing sneakers on YouTube." 

The video was put out to the public on October 2nd, 2018 

The world hasn't been the same since. We want these shoes!!! 

A Pair of Shoes Rarer than Sensu Beans 

All Sneaks

In the nostalgic arms race between Star Wars, Rick&Morty, Spongebob memes, WoW fedora tippers, and people-who-still-like-Batman, few can argue the staying power and longevity of Dragon Ball Z. 

((Personally, we're a fan of Pokemon)). But that did not stop us from enjoying these shoes!!

Freiza Goku

The beloved Dragon Ball Z franchise recently partnered with shoe magnate Adidas to bring the nostalgic adults with discretionary income a way to monopolize the shoe market once again. We think Japanese fan-boys will gobble these shoes up when they hit the open market between September to December 2018. 

The fist pair, Goku vs. Frieza was already unveiled at exclusive retailers on September 29th 2018. 

6 shoes dbz collection

image credit Adidas

The 6 character based shoes are:

1. Goku  -  ZX 500 RM

2. Freiza  -  Yung 1

3. Gohan  -  Deerupt

4. Cell  -  Prophere

5. Vegeta  -  Ultra Tech

6. Majin Buu  -  Kamanda 


    goku front

    goku shoes back

    image credit s2DoubleU 

    ZX 500 RM: SON GOKU


    freiza purple

    image credit s2DoubleU 



    Gohan Deerupt

    Gohan Derupt

    image credit The Sneaker Chop

    Deerupt : Gohan 

    Cell Sneaker


    image credit SneakerFiles

    Cell  -  Prophere 



    Vegeta  -  Ultra Tech 

    Majin Buu 

    majin boo

    Majin Buu - part Snorlax, part cotton candy

    Majin Buu  -  Kamanda 


    image credit: WearTesters

    "The sweetest kicks we've ever seen" -LCS

    The best part of Dragonball Z Adidas sneakers is that the pictures on the side of the boxes stack together to produce a Pokemon-like "Collect-em-All" type feel. 

    dbz collection

    All 6 shoes' boxes stack on top of one another to complete the dragon. Imagine having this phat stack of shoe boxes or full 6-pair shoe collection in your garage. What would you do with them? 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

    Release dates & Style Codes

    All the Google search information is listed for brokers interested in making a bid for their clients over the phone - with a cool nod - at an auction.  

    • Adidas ‘Goku’ Style code:B42203 Release date: August 2018
    • Adidas Yung 1 ‘Freiza’ Style code:D97048:August 2018
    • Adidas Deerupt ‘Gohan’ Style code:D97052 Release date: September 2018
    • Adidas Prophere ‘Cell’ Style code:D97053 Release date: September 2018
    • Adidas Ultra Tech ‘Vegeta’ Style code:D97054 Release date: November 2018
    • Adidas Kamanda ‘Majin Buu’ Style code:D97055 Release date: November 2018


    All rights to Dragon Ball Z are reserved by Akira Toriyama , Toei Animation and fun animation. 

    Shoes are property of Adidas. 

    Most of the visual content on this page is property of s2DoubleU - including this one ---> 


    Subscribe to their YouTube channel here. We love them!  s2DoubleU_shoes.png

    Be sure to check out the Goku shoes (ZX 500 RM: SON GOKU) unbundling video here!

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    Read up on ways to create your own custom shoes online using Nike, Adidas, Vans and New Balance's online shoe customization tools. 

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    Drake Spend money

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    Drake image credit DailyDot

    How to Clean Your Shoes After a Mud Run

    How to Clean Your Shoes After a Mud Run 0

    After a mud run your shoes may be caked with mud, inside and out. 

    We wrote this post to show our readers how to take care of their shoes, not break their washing machine, and learn more about local mud runs near them. 

    This article covers the 3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Shoes After a Mud Run and closes with Frequently Asked Questions About Mud Runs. 

    Let's dive in! 

    mud run rope woman

    3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Shoes After a Mud Run

    1. Clean the mud off with water. You can do this a variety of ways, either with the garden hose outside, or with a shower-handle on full blast in your bathtub. If the mud has been caked on the shoe and shows signs of being dry, you could use a metal wire brush to take the crusty dirt off. No need to wait for the mud to dry - see if there is running water at the event location and clean the mud off ASAP. 

    mud run shoes

    2. Dry the shoe. Remove moisture as soon as possible! The longer the shoes stay wet, the higher the chance that the material degrades. Moisture is the number one enemy for shoes. Use paper towels, sunshine, newspaper, a dehumidifyer or a dryer. We covered this pretty extensively in these posts:

    3. Deodorize the funk off. The smell is arguably the worst part of cleaning shoes after a mud run. The smell sets in once the sweat and moisture have been allowed to remain too long. To get shoes to smell good again you can use:

    • Baking soda - (find this in your pantry)
    • Sneaker Balls - (order online)
    • Odor Buster - (order online) - great for boats, autos, and home use

    General Tips For Keeping Clean After a Mud Run

    1. Bring trash bags for your soiled clothes and shoes for the ride home. Putting all your apparel in a trash bag can help offset some of the dirt you're liable to get on your car, backpack, or furniture. 

    2. Bring a spare change of clothes. 

    3. Bring a spare change of shoes. 

    4. Bring paper towels to the event. Your friends will thank you. 

    5. Bring a toothbrush or scrubbing brush to remove the dirt from your shoes. 

    small cleaner brush

    A small cleaner brush will clean dried mud off. Get one with hard bristles. 

    dogs dont have to wear shoes

    Dogs don't have to wear shoes. You probably knew that though... 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Mud Runs

    What are some of the obstacles I can expect to traverse in a mud run?

    Ramps, trampolines, ropes, monkey bars, crawling under barbed wire, hurdling over walls, cargo nets, and other "American-Ninja Warrior" like contraptions are just some of the obstacles you'll traverse in a mud run. 

    How many people go mud running?

    About 5 million, according to Obstacle Race World. The State of the Mud Run Business is the first industry report on obstacle course races and challenges. Their 2015 report found that "4.9 million people worldwide" engaged in obstacle courses and mud runs. 

    USA Today confirms that obstacle races are becoming more popular than marathons

    Could we see obstacle course races in the Olympics?

    We just might! Spartan Race co-founder and CEO Joe De Sena told USA Today in 2015 that he wants to further legitimize obstacle course racing by making it an Olympic sport. 

    girl mud run

    Just like an obstacle courses, life can get tough at parts. Let's remember to help each other up - even if it looks like we're competing. 

    How much do mud runs cost?

    Depending on your location, mud runs can cost anywhere from $99 and up. Full day events can start at $150 and go up from there. This cost makes mud running and obstacle course running an event that is primarily reserved for individuals with discretionary income. Obstacle Race World confirms that a majority of participants are "a relatively affluent group."

    Keep in mind, however, that there is ample prize money at the end if you or your team finish in the first 3 positions.

    Can I get a discounted rate? 

    Be sure to check with the event organizers to see if there are any discounts for military, first responders, students, and teachers.

    Tough Mudder will actually reward you if you have a "Tough Mudder" tattoo on your body and present it to the event. 

    tough mudder tattoo

    >>>Luckily, Leather Care Supply doesn't make you ink yourself to get compensation. On our website, you can get a discount if you are:

    1. Military 

    military LCS

    2. First Responder

     responder lcs

    3. Student

     student discount LCS

    4. Teacher

    teacher discount LCS

    Once again, if you are a Military service member, a veteran, police, fire, EMT, student or teacher, follow >this link< to get a discount on all items in stock on Leather Care Supply. <<<

    Can I win prize money in a mud run? 

    That depends on the event. Most events have a purse anywhere between $100 for finishing in a certain time window, upwards of $50,000 for elite competitors that manage to place first. 

    Can I still participate in a mud run if I am not an elite athlete?

    Yes you can!! Not all the obstacles must be mounted or scaled. In fact, many of them can be walked around or avoided if you're not up for the challenge. You can still participate and join in the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie by searching for "mud run near me." Mud Run Guide lists the best mud runs for beginners here

    two people shoes wet splashing muddy

    What are the best shoes for mud running?

    A good mud run shoe will have a variety of properties that most sneakers and running shoes don't have. These can include: 

    -Rubber grip for scaling walls and slippery surfaces

    -Cushion for shock and terrain absorption

    -Mudguards to protect against muck and mud

    -Heels & soles with shock dispersion technology

    -Moisture wicking and/or waterproof 

    That being said, you can read up on the top 10 running shoes for mud runs here


    recap shoe mud water splash

    There you have it: Three ways to clean your shoes after a mud run. It's not rocket science, but we're glad you stuck around till the end. Clean them with water, make sure they get dry as soon as possible, and anticipate smells by using products that remove odor from the shoes. 

    And if you face an obstacle in life that leaves you feeling like you're stuck in the mud, remember to ask your team-mates for help. You are loved! 

    Until next time!  

    Pros and Cons of Painting Baby Shoes

    Pros and Cons of Painting Baby Shoes 0

    Summary: Why would you want to practice sneaker customization by practicing on baby shoes first? Because the stakes are lower, the canvas is cute (but complex), and it makes a great gift!

    Most custom shoe artists paint adult sizes. In this post we're talking exclusively about the baby, child, kid's and teenager shoes. They're smaller versions of the real thing.

    Pink shoes girl swing

    No babies were consulted in the creation of this article 

    Let's face it - you're probably not ready to paint on those Nike Air Force Ones just yet. This canvas, this medium will prove as the training ground to enable you to grow your skills as a custom shoe designer. 

    "When the canvas gets smaller your painting talent has to get better in order to accommodate." -Salvador Dali

    We talked previously about the benefits for tattoo artists who are learning to draw & paint by starting on custom sneakers. No matter your medium, this is a cool canvas to get started on. 

    Learning to paint on "baby shoes" & "kids shoes" will up your Bob Ross brush stroke game, patience, and skill as an airbrush or paint dye artist. 

    Leather Care Supply reserves the right to sell you paint supplies conveniently through their e-commerce platform.


    Now that the legal stuff is out of the way, we explore the benefits & disadvantages of painting baby shoes. 

    Benefits of Painting Baby Shoes

    -They’re cheaper than adult shoes. Baby shoes are way cheaper than adult shoes. Baby shoes start at just $10.00, and average about $15.00 based off a sample size I collected whilst in the Coral Square Mall. Whack adult shoes start at $35.00 and nobody wants those. Stylish adult shoes, like those you're liable to find at Foot Locker, Nike, or Adidas, start at $55 and up. 

    -The canvas is worth something. This provides you, the artist, with a semi-precious canvas that you'll at least take semi-seriously. 

    childrens shoe 

    These fire engine red baby kicks would look good with some flames on the quarter

    As a canvas to hold the artwork of your creation, this (in theory) would greatly reduce the room for error, making you have to go into performance mode to do them right.

    baby tibet baby shoes

    -The're smaller than adult shoes. Can be great for practicing more complex work. But the smaller details are more demanding and require that you use a smaller brush or refine your methods in such a way that you’re practicing your patience. It's highly likely that you'll need multiple coats of paint in order to finish the job. 

    Looking for Supplies? Shop Leather Care Supply for paint, supplies, & kits by manufacturer:  - Angelus -  Fiebing's - Jacquard

    -Makes a great gift for kids and teens. Your love and attention put into the shoe may even reach the wearer in some beneficent way or form, if my holistic friends are to be believed. But really though: Imagine being the uncle who brings a pair of customized kid’s soccer shoes to a party. Imagine how loud those kids would 😱 😱 🙌🙌 🎉🎉scream, announcing your eminence and gift selection ability to all the other parents and party-goers!

    -They don't have to be perfect. A baby will be wearing them. Babies are notorious for not having good fashion sense; a baby's fashion depends solely on the fashion taste of their mom or dad. Said another way, "You can’t mess up baby shoes!”

    baby shoe baby blue 2

    Cons of Painting Baby Shoes

    -Greater attention to detail needed. Smaller details mean you need a smaller brush. Smaller brushes carry less paint. Less paint carried means the project may take longer. 

    -Hard to hold. With nowhere to grip on the shoe without touching and scuffing up the paint, you'll need to let the shoe sit and air dry with greater frequency than an adult shoe. This can make the painting process a lot longer - and it naturally should be because you don't want to undo your work by being too hasty and painting before the layers have had a chance to set in.  

    >> Read the super fly Lazy Man's Guide to Creating Custom Shoes Online if you're into custom shoes but not ready to commit to painting supplies yet. 

    Best Colors to Get When Painting Baby Boy Shoes

    Angelus Metallic Paint 1 oz (Silver)

    Jacquard Neopaque Acrylic Paint 2.25 Oz (Green, Black, Blue, Turquoise) 


    Best Colors to Get When Painting Baby Girl Shoes

    Jacquard Neopaque Acrylic Paint 2.25 Oz (Gold Yellow, Red, Violet, Magenta)

    Glitterlites Multi-Surface Acrylic Glitter Paint Kit (19 colors) 

    Painting Supplies

    .......A few supplies to get you started. We hope they bring you joy! 

    airbrush art brush


    1. Grex Genesis X5Gi Dual Action Airbrush 

    Angelus Basics Kit

    2. Angelus Basics Kit for New Artists (includes brushes)

    3. Acrylic Leather Paint Starter Kit

    grex private-stock-primary-color-set


    4. Grex Acrylic Airbrush Paint Primary Color Set


    5. Fiebing's Acrylic Dye Pack (11 colors in all) 


    6. Micro Detail Paintbrush Set

    Stay up to date with the latest Leather Care Supply New Arrivals here. Thanks for reading baby! Now get out there and make some babies giggle with your newfound shoe painting skills! Follow us @leathercaresupply for more 


    How to Care for Your Louboutins

    How to Care for Your Louboutins 0

    French fashion designer Christian Louboutin did not create his infamous red-soled shoes for them to stay in your closet. They're too good for that. They're probably too good for you.

    Personally, as a shoe repair store in South Florida, we love the shoe. We love its passion-red sole, its skyscraper length, and even the pain that comes along with wearing a pair. 

    Louboutins spikes suede and black

    Beauty is pain. The spikes may appear to be on the outside of the shoe - but the pain is all internal. Ladies, you'll think the spikes were made to go on the inside once you stand around in these for an hour. 

    Paris Louboutins

    Why care for Louboutins in the first place?

    I mean you could just buy another one.

    If you're reading this post, then chances are you own at least one pair of Louboutins. But as an educated consumer looking to maximize your wardrobe, you probably want to make the most of your money and time. 

    The number one reason you should care for these expensive shoes is because they are expensive - duh!! 

    According to Wikipedia, "Louboutins can sell from $495 and up, with crystal-encrusted pairs costing up to $6,000." 

    Eklectica 85 845.00

    The above pair, Eklectica 85 retails for $845.00. 

    When possible, we like to save our readers money. We also like giving them greater options when it comes to their wardrobe. We hate to see a good shoe be relegated to a dark shoe-box in a dusty closet somewhere - not that we're calling your closet dusty.

    Here are the top 3 ways to care for your Louboutins. (Some professional help is required). 

    Option # 1: Replace the tips

    A night of dancing and fun around Miami Beach will certainly put undue stress on the main pressure point of the shoe. High heels were made to be broken; when you start talking about 4, 5, 6, inch heels, you can almost guarantee that the tip will crack. 

    For this reason pins, taps, dowels, and heel tips were invented. There's no reason to replace the whole shoe if heel tip replacements are all you need.  

    prada heel tip

    ^ This Prada heel tip is a perfect example of a do-it-yourself project that can put your shoes back into circulation. You can shop heel tips here and install them yourself.

    If you're not feeling up for it bring them to a local cobbler that knows how to work with iconic shoe brands. 

    Our address is

    223 N Federal Hwy, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009


    Option # 2: Refinish The Sole

    A scuffed or scratched sole ruins the whole point of wearing Louboutins. Wear and tear on a $1000+ pair of shoes is simply unacceptable, especially when that beautiful red lacquer has been compromised. 

    louboutins panther

    At Leather Care Supply we add a thin sole that matches the red rubber/leather-soled Christian Louboutin shoes. 

    "Yeah but it won't look like the original" -- you'll tell us. 

    "No it won't," we reply. "We have a guy." 

    Refinishing such an iconic sole isn't easy as it requires matching materials. However, rest assured that we have the tools in-house to be able to facilitate such a delicate operation. 

    Red sole repair is now available at this location:

    223 N Federal Hwy, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

    When we return your shoes, you will be tempted to think that they are a brand new pair!

    Option # 3: Shine On

    The third option is to shine the shoes yourself.

    louboutins red cover

    For example, in this picture, we see a black calfskin shoe which can easily be polished with a black creme. This creme will bring out the shine and natural patina of the black leather. For an amazing list of products check out our Shoe Polish and Creme section. 

    ^ for the above shoe in the Christian Louboutin storefront we recommend the Saphir Pate de Luxe Shoe Polish Wax (in black). 

    Bring Us Your Damaged Louboutins!

    We have the tools, staff, and product necessary to give new life to your designer shoes. When we return your shoes, you will be tempted to think that they are a brand new pair!

    We have a convenient location close to Aventura, Hallendale, and Sunny Isles. Bring us your damaged shoes, purses, handbags, and leather accessories. We'll make them new again. 

    223 N Federal Hwy, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

    big Louboutin dark shoe 6 inch heel

    *all pictures were taken in Aventura Mall in South Florida at the Christian Louboutin store & Neiman Marcus. Shoes are the property of their respective owners. We have no affiliations with Louboutin and Prada...yet ;) 

    Louboutins red shoe with purse

    Random facts about Christian Louboutin's work 

    • Catawiki reports that over 500,000 pairs of Louboutins are sold per year 
    • The iconic red shoe was inspired by Andy Warhol's "Flowers"
    • The red sole was designed by accident. Christian decided to use red nail polish to brighten the boring black sole of a shoe almost two decades ago.
    • Red is said to symbolize love, passion and blood, which empowers women and unleashes their inner confidence

    brainy quote



    The Lazy Man’s Guide to Creating Custom Kicks Online

    The Lazy Man’s Guide to Creating Custom Kicks Online 1

    Leather Care Supply explores their custom programs Nike, Adidas, Vans, and New Balance have available for 2018.
    Beyond Shoe Repair Shops Leather Is Found Everywhere

    Beyond Shoe Repair Shops Leather Is Found Everywhere 0

    Summary: Leather touches all aspects of your life. Learn where this cowboy-friendly material is used (and all the industries that would not be the same without this fine material). 

    Leather is not just for shoe repair shops. 

    The material is used ubiquitously in a variety of industries that you might not know about. Let's take a look!

    1. Motorcycles

    adult biker black leather jacket leather seat upholstery

    2. Boating

    boat leather interior yacht yachting inside

    3. Furniture

    pexels-photo-labrador-golden retriever-couch-armrest-chair-classic-classical-furniture

    4. Antique Cars

    classic car leather interior white

    5. Apparel


    6. Saddlery 

    horsing around leather shoe saddlery boots horse equine

    7. Military/Hunting

    black military boots merica ameriica usa flag va

    As you can clearly see, leather is everywhere. Shop Leather Care Supply if you're looking for these products! 

    Shoe cream for your motorcycle seat

    Car leather cleaner and conditioner

    Furniture stain remover

    Leather dye (now available in mocasin brown) 

    Cleaner conditioner protector kit

    Like what you see? Leave Leather Care Supply a review here